Review / Test: pregnant portable Music Angel Friend

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 (our partner) still rewarded us with a new object that clasped the happiness of all music fans, the pregnant mini portable Music Angel Friend!

But above all, what is a micro-enceinte for mp3 player? (Finally, anything with a 3.5 mm Jack connector)

It is a pregnant which riquiqui proportions and here it is:

  • 7.4 cm long,
  • 5cm high
  • and 4.8 cm wide.

Apart from height, it is smaller than most of the smartphone!

Finally it’s fine to talk about size, but what is, is an image (or rather 2):

Pregnant portable Music angel Friend mp3

Lit Speaker – Led blue under the enclosure

Speaker station Music angel friend eteinte

Speaker off


Take the test to strictly speaking:

  • The look: 

As it is often said: “what is small, is cute“. And this corresponds exactly to this House! It can accompany you everywhere (especially that in addition, it comes with a carrying case). In addition it seems solid, which may be useful during a trip :) Also be aware that there are different colors: silver, blue, green, pink or black. Suffice to say that there is way to indulge.

Portable speaker cover

Pregnant laptop + carrying case + Cable 3.5 mm jack + reloading MicroUSB Cable


  • Performance:
  1. Sound: So there I have to tell you honestly that: “I’m on the ass” (forgive me the expression, but this is what best describes my thinking!). The sound that comes out of this Chamber is simply bluffing, I tried several different music genres and rendering to always was at the rendezvous. The sound is never saturated, a cart, nor nothing, nor other suspicious noises. Well, it must nevertheless admit that the bass stays relatively low but enough presents to enjoy music. I unfortunately do not know you saved an extract because it would be the microphone of my camera which saturated :)
  2. Battery: on paper, it says between 15 and 120 h of autonomies, which seems huge. And yet it is true! I pushed up with the origin of the battery load (so out of box) and I have come to a beautiful packages of hours. I did bother to count, but in any case wherever you are, it will take the time it will take. It recharges via USB so recharging must be done via a pc or an adapter. But then again there is a benefit, you can still use the enclosure during charging! ;) The light changed colour and becomes Purple and if he is put in charge without listening, the light is red. To report only one problem: no indicator of battery, just the light that is less intense on the end.
  3. Bonus: If you have several of these small enclosure, where if you know someone who also has one, you can connect them together creating a string of speakers to sound even better!
MicroStation 6

Different speakers connected

(You can observe at the same time the different available colors)


In conclusion:

When receiving the unit, I was really very skeptical: “Moh is whatever this small Bazaar” and in the end Gee! A small bomb that fits in the Palm of a hand. That’s positive to report!


My score: a beautiful 17.5/20

(- 1 for bass and -1 for the charging indicator and -0.5 for the length of the cable).

A product that I recommend. (Okay… for the purists of sound will have to still take in the high end, but this is, in my opinion, the must a mini-enceinte has to offer)



  • Size / ease of transportation via the cover
  • The sound
  • Autonomy
  • The price
  • Universal (via input 3, 5mm)


  • The length of the wire that makes the pregnant connection-> MP3
  • No charge indicator
  • Lack of bass


Link from the object in question:—noire.htm

Find other accessories iPod Touch 4 G on

All thanks to team and most notably Diana!



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