Review/Test + contest: HeadStand headset Support from Just-Mobile

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 I have the pleasure of testing an audio headphone support with just-MobJust Mobile logoile! Just-Mobile is a brand that has simple purpose: Create and produce the most stylish accessories possible! But not that, besides being stylish, they create them so that these objects can also last as long as possible! And for that, they use aluminum. In any case, when you see their products, they give envy thanks to their design and we can only agree with all the rewards they have won for the design of their accessories, whether for the IPhone, the IPad or Mac! It is a brand that I strongly recommend for their design and for their seriousness, because as I will prove to you with the test of the HeadStand, they have defined goals, and they fill them! HeadStand

The HeadStand of Just-Mobile

  • Ultra-design Audio headphone Support
  • Height 22 cm
  • Base can be used as a cable storage
  • Fully aluminum
  • Little cumbersome
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-slip Base
  • 342g weight


The Test


The packaging

First thing when you receive the support is that you are surprised by its size: a simple box of 27cm on 18cm with a thickness of 4.5 cm! For an audio headphone support, it looks small! Except that in reality, they have so well created this, that it is compacted: you have the stem and the base that are separated.  

The Assembly

So there's nothing easier: a rod, a base and 2 screws. Just screw it all up. A simple ordinary screwdriver is necessary. It doesn't take 30 seconds to get the whole thing up!   And there you have your support ready! So design level, of course, it depends on the taste of each, tastes are in nature, as they say, but personally, I love! At the same time simple, beautiful and solid! Since it's aluminum, no danger for the duration! Because of its shape, it is much less cumbersome than a simple helmet placed on your desk! Only concern, although universal, I find the support a little small in height, my headphones being a Turtle Beach XP300, this one touches almost the base… Which means that for people with a bigger head than mine will see their headphones touch the base and therefore no longer hold properly on the support… A telescopic system might have been welcome.  


Great support for your headphones that will have the most effect on your desktop! A little low, but that will last in time! Also know that it exists in black color: and that you can find it on Amazon. [Gallery columns = "4" ids = "6945, 6946, 6947, 6948, 6949, 69test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-250, 6951,6943"]   PGift Contest-Games-Pandonlace in the contest! To try to win this headphone support, nothing simpler, simply leave a comment of at least 2 words to this article. End of the contest on September 30th and raffle The following days to designate the winner. The winner will be contacted directly by email. No geographical limit.