Contest #8: Battlefield 3 to win!


Who says was, said holiday, travel, rest, or even games!

And in partnership with, we offer you the chance to win Battlefield 3 game this summer!



Acheterclecd is a website for the sale of video games for PC and XBOX 360 key cd/dvd.

Internet and broadband were that games become more and more paperless… Increasingly, rather than buy the CDs or DVDs of the games (which will serve you as once or twice), you simply just download the game on the official site!

And all you’ll have to pay is the key to the game to be able to activate it! Even need to move in-store or wait for the factor, even more need to find a place or store the game box, and most importantly, everything is cheaper! Because as you download the game for free, you will only have to pay the key, no need to pay the cd/dvd, casing, and other unnecessary stuff!


An example? Guild Wars 2:

  • DVD version: approx. 40 euro + about 1 week to wait. And with the factor that never rings at your door, count a few days more to have, especially if moving to the post office…
  • version dematerialized: about 30 euros, key in 1 min (7 d/7 and 24/24). Playable after download and installation.


So for the version dematerialized, you pay 10 euros less, but in addition, you can play it faster! In a few hours, you may already be in the game, while those who buy the game in DVD version must wait at least 1 week to play, not to mention that after installation, they must still download all the updates updated, while those who have the version dematerialized, it directly put-to-day! If it is not beautiful ca?

In short, a saving of time and money! And this is what the Acheterclecd WebStore allows you to! They sell you video games PC cd key cheap and you instantly deliver them by mail! You buy lots of games? EH ben they make you even more reduction thanks to their Reward Points (loyalty points)!

You can have easily more than 50% of reduction for a game!

They offer a wide choice of video games, that you can also pre-order, filter by genre, platform, you can also customize your list of envy within the site, etc…! In addition, large panels of payment methods, in order to make your job easier!

The games are very detailed, both at the level of the game and the necessary configuration for the cd key which sold you!


The contest:

And to return to the competition, we offer you a cd of the famous Battlefield 3 game key!

To participate, it’s pretty simple, leave us a comment telling what kind of game you like to play:

  • FPS: shooter
  • simulation: car, plane,…
  • RPG: role playing game
  • MMORPG: multiplayer online role-playing game
  • space-opera
  • action/adventure
  • Sport
  • strategies

The contest is active from August 13 to August 27, 23 h 59. Draw and results the following days closing.

No geographical limitation!



Through the partnership, all readers of the cave of Pandoon enjoy a 5% discount on any game of the Acheterclecd site, with the discount coupon “pandoon” (to be inserted on your purchase)!

Good luck to all and good fun!