Review/Test + contest: Logitech Gaming mouse G700S to win!

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The Logitech G700S

  Logitech G700S Packaging The Logitech G700S is a mouse dedicated to gamers, it is currently the high-range mouse from Logitech, and it is wireless!


  • Mouse for Right handed
  • Wireless and Wired
  • Rechargeable
  • 13 Programmable Buttons
  • Storing 5 game profiles in the mouse
  • Resolution: 200 to 8500 DPI
  • Maximum acceleration: 30 G
  • Maximum speed: 4 m/s
  • Ergonomic
  • Macro
  • Skates in Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • High responsiveness: 1000 reports/sec
  • Sensor: Laser
  • Nano-Receiver
  • Weight: 152g
  • Multi-Directional Wheel
  • Charging Cable
  • Extension cable for Receiver
  • 1 1900mAh AA Battery


The Logitech G700S test

Once unpacked, it's pretty simple, you have the mouse, the USB dongle to place on a USB port of your computer, and it's gone! Being Plug and Play, after the receiver has been set up, Windows takes care of itself to install the drivers! At this level, nothing to do, it is already operational! And the first thing you notice using the mouse is that you feel like you're flying with it, it's so light and fluid that you're wondering or your hand is leaving! ^^ the mouse does not slide hands because it has a pretty rough texture, but moves without worries on the mouse pad! It holds very well in hand and the ergonomics is very good. Besides, for those who have a Logitech Performance mouse Mx like me, know that it looks a lot, but rougher, lighter and less heavy. In short, all it takes to play well, with of course, more customizable buttons, macro, and profiles! The buttons are well placed and no worries to access, multidirectional wheel disengaged, 3 buttons on the side of the left click, 2 behind the wheel, and 4 at the level of the thumb! It will be necessary of course a little usual for all these new buttons, but you get used to fast enough! What I appreciate about Logitech is that their wireless mouse use a mini USB dongle (receiver), especially the few gaming mice. Personally, having tasted the wireless, it is difficult for me to use a wired mouse, especially at stake! Now the 9/10th of the gaming mice are wired, and the few wireless gaming mice are unfortunately accompanied by a station/dock serving as receiver and recharge… What annoys a lot in moving especially that their receiver are usually quite imposing… I personally do not understand why Logitech looks to be the only one to make wireless gaming mice with a mini-dongle because the mini-dongles are pretty well prevalent nowadays with miniaturization… By the way, you should know that the G700S includes a compartment next to the battery location to insert the USB dongle, which allows you not to lose it in case of displacement! Still a good point for them! As much as I must admit that it is hard to reproach something to the mouse in itself, as much I reproach a lot of things to the software that manages the mouse! And I find it very unfortunate! First, no CDs in the box! A CD with the software called Logitech Assistant for video game, in the box would have been welcome, I think it's the least of the things! Then we can see that Logitech did not break his head to find a worthy name to the software… To find the software on their official site, again, it was necessary to search! In fact, when looking for software for G700S, G700S does not even appear among the mice proposed. You have to do a thorough search to finally have access! Once downloaded and installed (N. B: The 32 bit version is compatible only with 32bits and 64 bits only with 64bit computers), there, other worries appear (in any case, on my Windows 7 64bit computer): Graphic problem that prevents me from Properly configure the different keys and profiles! Fortunately there are several ways to program the keys, but because of this bug graphics, you easily lose half of the possible parameters and it quickly becomes a puzzle to program the keys because it makes the software less intuitive. But thanks to this software, you can configure your mouse according to different profiles, whether in the internal memory of the mouse (up to 5 profiles), allowing you to keep your 5 profiles with your mouse if you change computer, or either profiles Of the computer, for example by game. The software already contains hundreds of pre-programmed game profiles, which is not negligible, that easy the naming of keys per game! Then, besides the problem of configuring the mouse, this software consumes a lot of resources, more than 35 MB in RAM memory, and I have even seen it use more than 50 MB… The version of the Logitech video game Assistant (or LGS) tested is the 8.55.137 (of August 4, 2014), I hope it will solve the problems…


The Logitech G700S is an excellent mouse for all players wishing not to clutter a wired mouse, combining dexterity, performance, customizable and lightweight! But alas, the software allowing the personalization of the mouse still has too many flaws! Which is a pity!   [Gallery ids = "6899, 6900, 6901, 6902, 6903, 6904, 6905, 6906,68test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-298"]     And now…

 The contest!

Gift Contest-Games-Pandon To try to win this beautiful mouse, you have 3 chances in total!

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  • Third chance:

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