Contest: A Avermedia C281 HD video acquisition box to win

Gift Contest-Games-Pandon In partnership with, we offer 3 chances to win an HD Video acquisition box, the Avermedia Game Capture HD C281!Alazka is an online shop specializing in the selection of the best high-tech products and offers them at a better price! Alazka offers spare parts to all-mounted products such as computers, cameras, telephones, GPS, etc… and need advice? Post your request on the site, and whether it is a person of the team or someone who knows the object for having had it, will answer you on the site! So all the questions/answers are thus visible and can be useful to other people who ask the same question! Same thing for your opinions. Accepts traditional means of payment as well as bitcoins.  

The Avermedia Gaming Capture HD C281

  • Compatible PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U
  • Capture in HD, up to 1080i (480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i (50/60 Hz))
  • Does not require a computer
  • Cable, remote control and batteries included
  • Simple Installation
  • H. 264 Hardware Compression
  • Replaying your Recordings
  • Possibility to take snapshots during play or proofreading
  • Record your games live, without any lag on the screen
  • Pass-thru Mode to TV
  • Videos in MP4 (Codec: H. 264 & AAC)

    AVerMedia Gaming capture HD c281   The Avermedia Gaming Capture HD C281 is a recording box that allows you to shoot and record all your video game sessions and that has the advantage of not requiring a computer to do it! A simple connection between your video game console and your TV, a USB stick or an internal or external hard drive to save your video and the trick is played! The whole thing from your chair! And even possibility to take pictures of your games in "Live"!  

 The contest!

  To try to win this acquirer video stream of your video game sessions in HD, you have 3 chances in total!

  • First chance, reply in comment to this question:

Which game for 3DS is currently being put forward on

Hint: 2nd scrolling image on the home page  

  • Third chance:

Like the page of the cave of Pandon, share and like the post!   A participant will be drawn from among the three modes of participation. End of contest October 26, 23:59. Draw on the following days. The winner will be contacted directly by email. No geographical limit. Good luck!