The top 6 best streaming sites 2020


Watching movies for free on the internet, everyone does it, it's called video streaming. But hard is to find the top streaming!

Finding a streaming site that offers good movies and series is not always easy. Even less with video players that don't stop every 10 seconds because the server is so slow or overloaded that it needs to load the video stream again!

Many streaming sites, and many are mediocre streaming sites.

Current streaming in 2020

It's been a while since I wrote an article about streaming. Because things are as they are, the semi-underground world moves fast and is hard to follow! A big streaming or download site disappears? 5 sites with the same name appear, 5 sites with a similar name appear, 4 sites with supposedly the same administrators, 3 sites with the same design to try to steal your details, etc. The site changes address? There is not always redirection, the new address is the real or a scam? Is the 1st position for this site on Google really the real address? Some sites don't want to be on Google!

As you will have understood, unless you really know the environment and the people who managed this or that site, it is difficult to follow in the footsteps.

The many calls for me to come out a new list of streaming sites led me to write this article.

Top streaming

Without further ado, here is a new list of top Streaming sites French and free competitor to Netflix (and which resumes the series of the latter) for this year 2019. Hoping it doesn't move too much!

Note: If you don't have one, consider taking an effective antipub, because this kind of site is full of ads. Normal pubs but also looking to have your bank details by making you believe that the site is paying.


Gratflix parodies Netflix, which as a reminder is the number 1 legal streaming (video on demand), using a similar name as well as the design of the name. The rest of the site is similar to other streaming sites.

Ranking by genre, by year, top 10. It is possible to access unrelated series or films (from my point of view) by clicking on the "previous/next page" buttons.

gratflix streaming

Full Film

Only dedicated to streaming movies (and as the name suggests, complete, fortunately). It is nevertheless part of the top streaming contrary to what one might think. Ranking by gender and search by name. Several streaming platforms available each time.

filmcomplete streaming


Filmstreaming is full of ads, some of which are confusing to other streaming sites. But it has the advantage of having fast and fluid servers. (in any case, every time I used it, it was the case) Only movies.

The quality of the videos is clearly stated on the film poster and the player.

Ranking by name, gender, release year and popularity.

streaming moviestreaming


Papystreaming is a grandpa, it is among the oldest French streaming site still active on the web. It offers movies, series and anime streaming. Although the site indicates that it is necessary to install a mini program called Cacaoweb, personally I get to play the videos without worries.



Although there is the full word in the name of the site, it is actually not really complete since it only offers movies and no series.

On the other hand, it offers you an IMDB ranking. I'm not a fan of IMDB at all, but having this ranking built in can be very interesting for people who love IMDB!



Here's one of the perfect examples of the complexity of following streaming sites. If you search for LibertyVf on Google, the first site you will have is simply a copy of the real site!

Many also believe that it is the successor of LibertyLand, which was very famous a few years ago. Except that's not the case, LibertyLand's directors said LibertyVF was not under their control… But hey, they weren't going to say publicly that they run this site when they were arrested for LibertyLand! True or false succession, I do not know. But one thing is for sure, is that the site that uses more or less the same principle as LibertyLand has managed to take and keep a place among the most famous French streaming sites!

It should be noted that LibertyVF also offers downloads.

a. libertyvf

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of top streaming. Another list is also available here for more viewing!

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