How to download MP3 from YouTube


Listen to music on Youtube has now become commonplace. But what about if you like music that is a remix and who therefore is not possible to have on CD?

To convert a Youtube video to mp3, there are many techniques which I will repeat here down some of them and develop them:


1 °) via internet: (attention, sometimes you need to wait your turn)


Fast and efficient. It is very simple to use but only allows download to mp3 and only makes Youtube videos.

Not the fastest but enables the conversion of videos from different sources and convert video to various formats.


2 °) via addons for internet browser:

Depending on your browser there are many plugins, addons, extensions… that allow you to quickly upload a video to mp3 by a simple click.
I won’t detail here because there are too many, however a simple search on the Chrome Store or the homepage of the catalogue of modules of Mozilla Firefox will give you an overview.

  • For Google Chrome, we have for example:
  • and for Mozilla Firefox:


3 °) via software:  

 There is also a myriad of programs to download music (and video) from Youtube, I’ll detail the use of one of them in particular, Free Studio, available for free download here:

It allows not only to download videos from Youtube, or only the soundtrack, but also allows to convert these files to any other format.

It is a very intuitive program, simply select the tab that corresponds to your desire and let yourself be guided.

In addition, it is very easy to install (it may nevertheless wish to make you install a tool bar, you can uncheck the appropriate box) and french.


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