How to compare different models of smartphones and tablets between them easily?

Smartphone-Tablet Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone (some, several)… and look at your surroundings, there are likely to be all different… And if you ask them which is the best? In 50% of cases, one will answer hers, in the remaining 50%, it will advise another… Everyone has his opinion, and this is normal. Unfortunately, opinions are more difficult, in light of the choices that are available these days: there are hundreds of brands of smartphones, then not even talking of different models… Of course, you have comparisons or models such as the Samsung Galaxy to cite them, but they are also among the more expensive models… And it is not always necessary to pay more, and especially this would be quite wasteful if there is some functionality or technological advances known pertinament although one would not use them!  

So what happens in this jungle of smartphones and tablets?

  Thanks to DeviceSpecifications! Device Specifications is a database of all the technical specifications of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other products of the same kind of technology. Of the most well-known and lesser-known! Even (surely a part) lowcosts (low end, Chinese brand) brands are present.  

Can't decide between 2 or more models?

  Device specifications makes it easy by putting screws to screw the features of your Smartphone! This allows you to make the best choice according to your tastes in terms of hardware: whether the processor, the amount of RAM, type of touchscreen, etc… All the features of smartphones are! And in french! And you can even choose a model that have the same characteristics of your dreams with their search engine that allows you to choose what you want exactly.   In short, what help a little for your Christmas gift or any other opportunities! ;-)   Link:  

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