Test / reviews: touch gloves for smartphones Mujjo, double thickness


With this cold, if there is one thing that we did not want to do, besides out, is to remove his gloves to use their smartphone!

Gloves not tactile, it's the wound to use their smartphone, it's just random, impossible.

Of course, you have touch gloves, except that… generally, it is only the thumb which is tactile and to show the touch area, the tip of the glove is white while the glove is black… it's a little task!

Not only it's task, but is not always practical. Thumbs, it is ideal for writing, but for something else, it's not the top! Except for writing, I use my index finger to travel on my touch screens.

Not to mention that despite the fact that it's gloves, they are usually not very hot!

When looking around, I found perfectly touch gloves and who hold warm: the touchscreen gloves double layer Mujjo.



  • Double layer
  • All areas are sensitive to the touch
  • Elastic
  • Closure at the wrist
  • Back of hands anti slip

The test

When you take the pair of gloves at Mujjo in hand, you immediately feel the thickness of the 2 layers and we are pleasantly surprised by the softness of the fabric of the glove! It is surprisingly slippery. These are the gloves more slippery, smooth I've had so far.

And this slide allows to navigate the touchscreen Smartphone as if it were your fingers, as the touchscreen responds in the same way! And, taking the smartphone in its hands, it was a little afraid it slips from your hands, but it depends on your smartphone and shells/covers.

Gloves can close to the level of the wrist, you have for each hand a loving push button. Good idea this button in order to avoid a maximum of fresh air into it, but also if the glove is a bit too big for you. On the other hand, the magnet is so strong, to unbutton, you pull more fabric on the button… The fabric is elastic, in the long run, I'm not sure he likes be roughed up at this point!

The edges of the wrists are covered with leatherette.

N.B.: the outer faces, back of the hands, small balls of acrylic inlay a little everywhere, present in large numbers on the back of the hand, a few rare at the level of the fingers.


Their presence is quite ambiguous: non slip? Regulation of the heat function? I don't know, it's pretty special because usually we find it on manual work gloves and sometimes even on the mitts. Their presence in these cases is to avoid burning yourself and non slip. In winter, it is more difficult to burn you… And anti slip, it is situated on the outer side of the gloves, is completely useless…

N. B. 2: given the double layer, I advise you before you put on those gloves, to the same application with gloves ski: blow into it to include hot air because the double layer prevents the air to enter, but also to get out! So if you get stuck fresh air in your gloves, it's never going to be lovely!



A pair of excellent high quality, double layer keeps warm, but perfectly touchscreen and sliding to the point that you get exactly the same feeling as if you handled without gloves!


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