How to detect and remove files duplicates with CCleaner


By manipulating files in all the senses, it is almost inevitable to end up with duplicate files!

Downloaded this software without knowing (or have forgotten) 2 identical files and then we put them in 2 different folders, copy to move the file and we forget to delete the original, etc… and little by little, it takes more space on the hard drive of our computer!

CCleaner is very famous, this is a fairly efficient cleaning software, especially if you optimize it. But in addition to clean unnecessary files, it can also remove duplicates files! It is a little known CCleaner, function because it must travel a little in the various tools integrated and only happened in the last screen that we understand that it can also be used to detect duplicate files!

This small integrated tool is particularly useful if you do not wish to install any new software just to remove duplicates, but to condition, that you have CCleaner!




  • Open the program CCleaner (if you don't have it, you can download it here)
  • Click on 'Tools'
  • then click "Search for files"
  • Click on 'Search'


Once the research is complete, CCleaner will show you the list of the duplicates found. This list, you can save it as a text file if you wish.

An item that has been well thought, is that you can delete not all. For example, if detected you 2 identical files, you can only delete that one. If in has detected you 3 identical, 2 could be deleted but not the last. And so forth.

Small note, it is list you all files in double, triple, etc… what he found, even those that are legitimate! Some programs install themselves for duplicate files! For example, the Comodo Firewall installs some duplicate files because they are used when you want to repair its installation!

This is why I advise you strongly not delete files that you are known! Files that you are unknown, there are chances that they have been installed with software and that they are therefore essential to its proper functioning. In addition, if the files you are unknown, there is so to speak almost no chance that you have handled and which would have ultimately resulted in a duplicate or tripled!

N.B.: this screencast (video) is my first, so if you have any comments to improve it, feel free to let me share, thanks!

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