How to know if your pc is well protected?

Shield anti-virus protection security


For someone who debuted in the computer, it is quite difficult to know whether or not his pc is well protected, so there are plenty of malicious elements that can compromise your computer: viruses, trojan (Trojan horse), keyloggers, worms, spyware, adware, etc…

So for your convenience, I'll introduce you to software that will allow you to know the status of your computer's security.

It requires no installation, you download and you run and it's good! It is in English, but the terms are fairly easy to understand, and at the limit, you can ask me in comments the terms you do not understand. It is still in Beta stage, meaning that it is not exactly finished, but updates go by and you are notified at the launch of the software if an update is available. And finally, it is free and very quick to scan your pc!

This small software scans your computer for various software to protect your computer and the status of these (enabled/disabled, update date) to notify you if there is presence of a flaw in the security of your computer or if it is necessary to improve the protection of your computer by installing new security software.


Here is the procedure:

  • Download Security Score by clicking "Free download" on the site
  • After download, run it
  • If it detects an update, accept, it will automatically replace the downloaded file and launch it automatically also
  • In the software, select the check box "I agree to the terms and conditions"
  • Then click on "Start"




Once the scan is finished, it will tell you the score of protection of your computer! And you can click on each for more information.




In my case, I have 85%, which is a great score! Besides, for me, it is the minimum score that I think must be reached on any computer!


The question you ask yourself certainly is "Why do you 85% and not 100%"?

Simply because 10% are devoted to the disk encryption hard and 5% to the file-sharing software. Personally, I have no traveling data (I do not work for the secret services and I did not state secret in my computer) so I believe that I have no need to encrypt my hard drive, which will be diminished if performance I crypt my data. And I lose 5% because I µtorrent installed on my computer, it is sharing software. UTorrent is sharing software, but personally I think that it does not contribute to a danger in the protection of a computer unlike Emule. In short, you'll understand the loss of 15%, I do not consider as a lack of protection in the security of my computer, but as a difference of opinion. The encryption of data, they are not wrong at all, but I think that for individuals, it is not useful. For sharing software, they also are not wrong, but the mode of operation of various software are that some are more likely than others, and that therefore all should not be put in the same basket!


All this to say that I consider this software as being excellent: simple and quick, it allows you to know the State of protection of your pc in 3 clicks! And for someone who is y knows little or badly, it can serve as a benchmark to find out where it is!


When even small precision: the software determines the type of security software on your computer (antivirus, firewall, etc…) ), and not the effectiveness of these! This isn't because you'll get a score of 100% that you won't have to worry about viruses and other malware! Your pc will be many different types of software necessary to protect, but it is not as long as they will very well be their job, each software to its advantages and disadvantages but no not you protect 100%! The world is changing, internet is changing, and the virus also!


And finally, I will quote a phrase well known to those who understood the system: "the best antivirus in the world that exists, is located between the keyboard and the Chair", ie you! Do not click on anything, do not download any software! Think before you click and believe me, the risk of infection will be practically nil! ;-)


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