Belarc Advisor – Diagnosis of your PC

belar advisor

Belarc Advisor is 1 small very light tool that returns you a complete diagnosis of your computer in the form of an HTML page in your web browser (IE, Firefox, Netscape and Opera are recognized). Don't worry: all done locally, nothing is sent on the net!

The report displayed by Belarc Advisor but also includes information about your hardware configuration (processor, hard drive, graphics card, ect…), versions (+ saved license keys) of all installed software or Windows patches (with detection of the missing updates!). For software, click on the i next to the name refer directly to the directory where the software is installed. Another function also exists, it is the frequency of use of the software, ca mark you if you used these days, between 7 and 90 days 7derniers and + 90 days! Wholesale ca allows you to see directly the programs you use the less or almost not at all, and eventually uninstall it.

In addition to this diagnosis, Belarc Advisor also evaluates the level of your computer's security by detecting the validity of your Windows updates and anti-virus. For a further analysis, it launches the Benchmark in the CIS (Center for Internet Security), an independent organization, and displays a detailed report of the notation only (for Windows 2000, Xp pro and 2003).

In short, a small free software to have below the elbow to better understand his or her computer, and replacing a SIW, Everest Ultimate, Sandra, ect… (that they provide you with too many details! lol for me, they are useful only for the overclokeurs – and again, them will prefer no doubt other software – and to those who would maybe change a piece of their computer…)

Alas, it is in English, but is not much to understand ^^

Link: Click here.


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