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revo uninstall

When you no longer use software, you can uninstall it from your computer. On the one hand, you free up disk space, and on the other hand, it will allow you to lighten your computer a little in the case of software that works in the background and therefore uses resources from your computer.

To uninstall software, Windows has an Add/Delete Program feature, available in the Configuration Panel. While practical, this function is far from being fully effective.

Too often, after uninstalling software, there are traces left on your computer. These can be Keys and Values from the Windows Registry as well as folders and files on your hard drive. Some of these registry files and keys are required for your computer to "remember" that it has one day installed these programs, and are usually configuring the program that you just uninstalled.

What is Revo Uninstall?

With the free Revo Uninstall software, you'll be able to completely uninstall software and all its tracks on your computer, whether it's in the registry or on your hard drive.

Revo Uninstall will allow you to keep a system clean. This will also allow you to reinstall software from scratch on your computer, regardless of the residues that were there and that were removed.

Revo Uninstall also has a hunter mode to locate and uninstall recalcitrant software that would not appear in the list of installed software. It also includes various system tools to for example permanently delete files safely, search for old files, …

Revo Uninstall is therefore proving to be a replacement of choice for the Windows Program Add/Delete assistant which is quite limited.

Be careful though what you delete! Revo Uninstaller may offer to delete registry keys and files that have nothing to do with the program you want to delete!!! For registry keys, check only the last items written in bold if they are related to the software (extension that the program created, program initial, program name,…); Ditto for the files. If in doubt, it's better to leave a few files (especially regarding the registry keys!) than to screw up your computer…;-)

Available in French for free: Link (also has a paid professional version)

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