How to protect its smartphone


After seeing, once too many, a Cree last smartphone with a just-cracked screen, I myself: "non non!" "Tom, might recall the difference between different protection accessories!"
That is therefore the reason why I write these few lines.

If like me, this image you done wrong (or laugh if you're a little sadistic):

Distressing image of an iPhone 5

Distressing image of an iPhone 5

Well, be aware that there are several objects that could avoid it:

Let's talk here of the covers for smartphone. Often more cumbersome, they offer good protection against falls (because it surrounds the unit of all the sides) and a perfect protection against screen scratches (given that to bring up the screen, need to open the cover, what is the main difference between shells and covers). In addition, they are often more 'classes' than hulls. As a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cover:

cover galaxy note 2—Marron.htm

In addition to the good protection, a cover may have several other functions:

1) serve as portfolio (like on the picture)

(2) fold for support

(3), and many other functions depending on the model

To choose a cover, you have the right between different criteria: material (leather, nylon, synthetic,…), the sealing system (pressure, velcro, no,…) and of course, the second function described above.

Then we have the hulls.

The difference between shells and covers is that the hull is found on the back and on the sides of smartphone, leaving the free screen. What is not advisable to avoid scratches. But nevertheless, it is more ergonomic because built to wrap the device, often just a few mm (often 1 mm) thick and more. Example of an iPhone case 5:

protective iPhone case 5—Noire.htm

The choice for shells is limited to this: solid or flexible shells and then the choice of the color. But you'll rarely have a second function, except for a better grip. Which translates into a lower price for the hulls for the covers.

If you want to have complete protection with a hull, should think about adding a filter (plastic film) on the screen. This will prevent you claws.

But hey, you can always play bad luck and still end up with a cracked screen.

We are never safe from a nasty fall…!

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