Review / Test: The Snugg leather case for iPhone 5


Summer approaching, I decided to change my iPhone cover giving me a cover (this is certainly not the shot that my screen took to be motivate this choice, not at all!).

The market offering an almost infinite number of this type of product, I stopped my choice on this cover for iPhone 5 leather of the mark The Snugg:



Rear side of the cover with the logo of the brand on the tongue

What motivated my choice of this cover:

1 ° the appearance of the cover:

This leather (available in several colours) is both sober and worked well. Openings in the bottom allow the sound may not be suppressed, allowing us to hear our ringing in all circumstances. On the front is a storage cards or tickets easily accessible and tight enough so that the map can drag out. The tab is resistant and easily accessible, more it retracts only and is magnetic closure.


2 ° protection of the cover:

In a previous article, I mentioned do not trust the covers on the effectiveness of their protection against shocks. However, I tend to believe that its strength will enable it to protect my iPhone. Indeed, it is well stiff on the front side as on the rear side. In addition, the Interior in nubuck (leather treated to have a velvety aspect) protects the device effectively against possible scratches.


Front side of the cover The Snugg

3 ° conclusion:

Once the unit into the cover, it is fully protected, no button is accessible. In an everyday situation, like receiving a phone, the iPhone emerges very quickly the case through a magnetic tab provided for this purpose. The cover is very soft to the touch and, as at the moment it is still new, the good smell of leather is always present! :-)

I am delighted with this product and I find it nothing wrong!



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