Hard to wait the superb tracker (tracker = torrents download site) to which you want to register opens finally its doors and its inscriptions?

Or you are looking for a tracker randomly?

Then use the site!

Opentrackers is a site informing you in real-time if registration is open or not on this or that trackers! And of course, everything is free!


Classified in alphabetical order, a small flag also indicates you the language of the sharing site, so it is also useful for those who want to discover new trackers!


To find out how it works, nothing of + simple, here is the legend:

  • inscription_ouverte Registration is open! You can go register!
  • inscription_ferme OpenTrackers.netThe inscriptions are unfortunately closed! Will have to wait…
  • prob_connection OpenTrackers.netConnection problem, usually when the site is offline.
  • indefini OpenTrackers.netCannot be a set if registration is open or not…


Enjoy! ;-)

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