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se is a forum, which can be said, is not like all others, it is simply exceptional!!! Their slogan is “the paradise of download” (download means download in French), well I can tell you that they did not steal it and that they chose it well!!! And we could even be more specific by saying that this is the paradise of free download! Alas, we must first register and once registered, you will have access to the treasures that people share on this forum (and that you can also share by following their rules)! And I can tell you that there are a lot of things! (almost everything downloadable ^^) Movies, series, music, software, games, eBooks, keygen, cracks, serial, ect… and all that… free! ;-) The files are hosted on hosters of the genre uploaded, Uptobox, Rapidshare, free, etc… I think it is useless to say more, I think I have said the essential and the best is that you would realize it by yourself! ;-) 3 small tips:

  • If you don’t have premium accounts from some hosters, use debriders! This will allow you to download the crate thoroughly without a penny to shell out! ;-) Some debriders are available here.
  • When you found an upload (upload = what was sent) that interests you, first check that all links are still valid (because if the file is separated into 10links, and one of them is dead, I think you will have hatred after you download 9part for nothing! lol if a link is dead, say so to the uploader, and maybe you’ll get the chance that it will win the missing part! :-))
  • Read also the comments to see the problems that some have had, if they have had! (it can always serve you!;-))

To go to paradise,

click here ^^ (see my November 2014 edit at the end of the article) for other sites like Downparadise = > click here edit from December 2, 2012: registrations open! They are only for a fixed term, so hurry up if you don’t have an account yet! The last opening of the inscriptions dates from November. Edito 2: since I am often asked what is wrong when registering on DP with the message “the password does not contain the required characters.”, it is simply that you have not put in your password all the required characters, i.e. the minimum: one digit, one symbol, one lowercase and one uppercase. Edit may 27, 2013: I am often asked when registrations will be reopened on DP. I just don’t know anything, I’m not part of their team. End 2012, they had opened the inscriptions a few days every month, but in 2013, they have not yet done it once… June 2013 edit: for information, DP is not closed! They simply decided to migrate their servers but encountered technical problems where the fact that DP is not online and no one can access it. The Forum will come back when they solve the problems. Edit July 28, 2013: Downparadise is officially back! November 2014 edit: Downparadise is officially closed! And the admin being moved on, Downparadise will not come back. Any site pretending to be DP or the old admin are simply fake! I advise you not to register on these sites, they use the name of downparadise to better attract you and better you scammed: mails, spam, viruses, etc…

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