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It is not easy to explain to anyone what is happening on the screen, this is why the alias screenshot catches / screenshots exist.

Before Windows Vista, you had to press the Print Screen or print screen to capture and it was automatically sent to your Clipboard.

Since Windows Vista, so Windows Seven including Windows natively includes a slightly more evolved to do screenshots tool called tools Capture (findable on the start => all programs => Accessories menu) but it is not worth a good professional tool.

I therefore present Screenpresso!

Free, in french and not necessarily requiring installation, this software is a pure wonder!

  • It allows you to capture your screen to full or part if you wish and it happens even to detect windows, allowing you to make a picture with a single click!
  • You can also capture what does not fit into your screen thanks to the automatic gluing mechanism which creates a single image!
  • In addition, the software integrates a lightweight editor that lets you customize your captures adding effects in a blink of an eye!


  • And all screenshots are listed in the software allowing you to easily find them!
  • For those who so desire, Screenpresso integrates a function allowing you to easily share your screen prints on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, ect…
  • And it still contains full other options! You discover them!

N.B.: The only flaw I can find him, which in fact is not really one, is that an internet connection is required so that it checks the updates. If it detects one, the software is usable until it is set to update! This is not really a defect because that said update, new version and therefore fixed bugs and new features!

A paid version exists, see the comparison between free and pay version: comparison between the 2 versions.


To download this software: free download of Screenpresso.


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