Movavi Screen capture – notice of a profane

Movavi The notice of a layman I just try Movavi Screen capture and I was excited.   This is a screen capture software that really captures everything that happens on your screen. Including encrypted DVD, therefore the power of this software.   After an hour of getting started (I said I am a layman…) I had to copy a DVD (it was the last Disney, so well-protected priori). I'm even amazed at the ease of the operation, I had already tried unsuccessfully with other software.   With respect to the output format, there is a choice between the main video formats (with the exception of the VOB, but it's really unimportant, my drive still reads), with an excellent rendering. Another small flat, due perhaps to my incompetence: recording in AVI (h264, es aco?) does, upon arrival, that a band sound and a black screen, then in Free AVI (same thinking, what is this?) it's perfect.   In short, a tool extremely powerful and easy to use, especially as the tutorial, though in English (another flat for a Franchouillard like me) is well done. About the tutorial, it shows you how to capture videos from YouTube. In fact, this applies to all types of videos: Rutube, Dailymotion or other…   Source: in

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