URLCapt, or how to make a full screenshot of a Web page

When you want to share an article from a site, there are several solutions: give the direct link, take the text and put it in a word or text file, or make a screenshot (photo by your screen).

But in the case of screenshots, one often has the problem that the site is often larger than your screen and therefore need to do multiple photos to have the site as a whole, not to mention that when you take a screenshot, you still have to put the image in a word file to make it visible! Or use a software advanced in taking pictures of your screen as screenpresso

There is an alternative! That’s not complicate you life by taking several screenshot and that do not install software that will not serve you 3 times in your life!

This alternative is URLCapt!



URLCapt, which as its name suggests, is a site allowing you to make a screenshot of a website free of charge and in the form of image jpeg, png, or pdf file! And, it makes you a full shot of the address of the link you give!

URLCapt also allows you to choose the minimum width of the screen you want: 1024px, 1280px and 1600px!

And in addition, it also allows you to share your screens on different social networks!

It is easy to use: you put the address of the site, you choose a minimum width if you want, you choose the output format (image or pdf) and you click on “Capture”! Wait for few seconds, and you have your capture of the site that you have requested in full!


To visit the website: URLCapt.com

Edit on 11/21/2012: The site has unfortunately apparently disappeared from the net…


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