How to watch a video from Youtube (or other site) which is not available in your country


Want to watch a video on Youtube, but you get the message:

This video is not available in your country or for your domain


This video includes the contents of XXX. This content is not available in your country


This video includes the content of XXX, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds

because the diffusion of it is blocked in your country?


Have no fear! Here are solutions! ^^


1st solution: Hotspot Shield

  • Go to the website of Hotspot Shield
  • Download the free version (free version)
  • Launch the application, it will download the full version (don't ask me why they do not directly offer it for download, I know nothing ^^)
  • Install the program (select French and I advise you to uncheck for tool bar)
  • Once installed, you have even not need to restart the computer to be able to use it!

As soon as you receive the message that tells you that you are logged on with Hotspot Shield, this means that you now have an American IP address! So you are no longer blocked depending on your country!

HotSpot shield

And "Oh Miracle!" Videos that you were previously inaccessible because of your country are unlocked!


2nd solution: Hide My Ass

Strange name for those who understand English, but it is still understandable when one knows what it does: it hides your IP address under another!

  • Go to the Hide My Ass site
  • In the box, replace with the address of your video or site you want as unlocked
  • Click Hide My Ass! and it's gone!

Note: Sometimes Youtube asks you a captcha. In this case, even if you answer correctly the word he asks, the release is doomed to failure! The reason is that there are too many people that uses the same method that you… To remedy this, you must redo the manipulation from the beginning.

Hide My Ass has multiple servers, by default, it to allocate you one randomly (which why might your unlock can randomly Miss), but you can choose a: on the site home page, click Advanced Options, and then choose a server!


Note: This tip (2 solutions) works in principle with all the other sites that block certain data depending on the country, be it videos/movies, music or other!

Enjoy! ;-)


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