Review / Test: adapter – USB extension cable with Tilt Swivel


Our dear computers and laptops often have their close enough USB ports to each other or are in areas difficult to access (for example, back computers)!

When 2 USB ports are so close to one another, it happens very often that the insertion of the first USB blocking access to the second so they are close and that the work area is short!

In these cases, you have several options:

  • You change PC
  • You change the USB keys
  • You use a USB extension cable
  • You use a USB HUB
  • Or you are using a USB adapter to tilt pivot


A USB adapter adjustable pivot is simply a mini USB extension cable wireless. Rather than to lug around with a new USB cable, width virtually equal to that USB ports, allows to easily fit into the USB ports without too much difficulty even if there is presence of an another USB side and allows to direct the positioning of the second key depending on the angle you want!

Clearly, the pivot allows to position your USB drive, your dongle, your cable or other in an angle that suits you! Whether it's at an angle on the vertical plane, horizontal or even oblique plane!



My opinion on this accessory:

He does very well what why it is designed, it allows to direct your USB there or you wish: bottom, top, to the computer, front, back, diagonally, etc… The only worries is that we cannot return the pivot as desired, it is not a 360 ° pivot, it consists of 2 'folding', which are limited in movement areas. For example, to pass the bottom-front position in low-back, should be 5 rotations!

Some examples of possible positions:






Forward perpendicular


A straight line


Straight side


At the bottom

































Other worries, it is at the level of one of the 2 heads that can move, it consists of 2 rooms: 1 kind of half wheel serrated and the other fat that binds to the 2nd moving head. From what I see, the serrated half follows the 2nd piece, what makes that in fact it is passive, has different grip and it is under strong pressure. Although it is metal, it does not surprised me that one day this piece to camera and render unusable pivot adapter… I am not engineer and I have not removed it, but I do not see too much why this area is made up of 2 parts! I am well aware that a cable pass inside, and so to move from a position to another setting, should be several rotations, but the 2 pieces do the same job! The only reason I see that could explain it, is that this pressure on the 2nd room is sought precisely so that a more strong resistance between the 2 heads and so that it can support the weight of the USB stick for example without it moving… but at what price?

My rating is 16/20, it performs very well his job without being perfect, but it is very useful!


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