Test / review: battery and boost startup multifunction 16000mah SNAN CE-JS-006

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 An external battery for smartphones, this is very useful given the weak capacity of the batteries of smartphones, especially with the arrival of Pokémon Go, that you empty your battery with your screen, the gps, the camera and the data all on at the same time, and these are the 4 elements the most consumer of battery! But instead of using a simple battery, why not use a multi-function battery, and which therefore allows to do something else in addition to recharge the battery of your smartphone? This is a multi-function, the CE-JS-006 SNAN battery. batterie-snan-16000-jump-start-boost


  • Startup booster + charger 5V + 12V charger
  • Capacity of 16000mAh
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 2 ports USB 5V – 2.1
  • 1 port jack 12V – 10
  • 1 port for tongs Christensen for the startup of car battery booster
  • LCD indicator of battery charge
  • Included strong storage case
  • Christensen clamps included
  • Included usb charger
  • Included USB cable
  • Included car charger


The test

As you can see in the data, this battery high capacity (16000mAh, anyway) allows not only to recharge 2 smartphones at the same time (and easily 5 times in a row without problem a smartphone!), but thanks to these other functions, allows to help out you when your car's battery won't start (startup booster function), can also help if you are in the dark or that you need light and/or of relief thanks to its integrated emergency lamp which includes profiles: fixed led, led in SOS mode, and led flash flashing mode. And that's not all! It also includes a port of the 12V in 10A jack. This 12V port allows you to connect other devices which the 5V is not enough: frigobox, laptops, etc… Unfortunately, the kit included no cable, but the port is present and functional. Except for the fact that there is no proposed for the 12V cable a cable USB/mini-USB is provided, along with a charger, a car charger, Christensen tongs and a hard case! It is therefore difficult to be disappointed on this side there! Consider that 12V, tips can quickly change devices: nothing for different laptops, you have 12 minimum tips of different for the majority of laptops… And of course, you don't have that notebook PCs running 12V. Unlike the 5V, or you overwhelmingly the mini-USB at the entrance. connectivity-usb-battery The LCD is backlit, so visible in the dark. The display shows the level of charge and the mode used. Next to the screen, you have a few button, including the button ON, the Flash Led button and the Boost button. In short, nothing complicascreen-lcd-batteryted! Side ability, nothing wrong, it is a big battery, enough to hold quite a while! Side boost function, I tried on a motorcycle by removing the battery: no complaints, it works great!  


It's an accessory that I won't not necessary, but very useful which will certainly find a place in the side of your spare wheel, your triangle, your fire extinguisher, etc… With these multiple functions that allow you to troubleshoot your car, the battery of your smartphone battery (especially if you go hunting for the Pokémon in a backwater, in the mountains or I don't know or be able to recharge your battery!) or tablet, that of your pc, your frigobox, with this battery at your side, you very little to fear , and even less in the dark thanks to its led lamp!   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01HETE90G/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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