Review / Test: battery portable universal Energizer XP4001 – 4000 mAh


With new devices that are more energy-intensive, our partner gave us the opportunity to test a laptop battery from Energizer.

Battery Energizer XP4001

Battery Energizer XP4001


The purpose of this battery is to charge your mobile devices, without the need for plug. Allowing you to keep your devices charged longer and you will provide you around with a multitude of different Chargers, given that there is a 6 different plugs.



First of all, you will need to charge the battery (no joke). Loaded once (or when it loads) you can connect via 2 USB ports separate, 2 different devices (which uses a different connection).

The device comes with a carrying case (black) and a multitude of tips different connectors to be applied on a stretchable cable that connects to the battery:

The battery comes with 6 different tips.

The battery comes with 6 different eartips.

The battery is charging while simultaneously charging an Ipod and a Samsung gsm

The battery is charging while simultaneously charging an iPod and a Samsung gsm (like what we know to put them side-by-side without trial)

The battery charging time is 2 h 30 to 3 hours for a full charge. It must be plugged in, via an adapter (the original tip being English, offers European plug adapter).

Then, you have to charge your devices. I had the opportunity to test many models of mobile phone and smartphones to test all of the tips:

Works for:

  • Sony Experia
  • Garmin Asus
  • Nokia
  • BlackBerry
  • Nokia, but not all models (more 4 years old are not compatible)
  • Various Apple products (with the supplied cable is the one who agreed to the products before Iphone 5)
  • LG
  • Some Samsung (the recent are compatible)
  • On the box, it also says that the plugs are compatible for Motorola and HTC (which I was unable to test)

On the box, also noted that if you register your products you can still order 2 different plugs for free (subject to charges). But as I have not found the product on their site, I believe that this offer is unfortunately more valid.

But if ever the connector for your device is not present, it is sufficient to have a cable with one hand a USB connector and the other the which corresponds to your device.

Example: With the 5th generation of Apple products, the card has changed and so you won't be able to use this battery. But if using the cable supplied with the device, it works.


As mentioned above, we can charge 2 devices at the same time, but you should know that the 2 USB outputs do not have the same intensity. One is 1.5 has and the other 0, 5A, they are differentiable.

The back of the unit with the description of the various USB and the plug. USB for gsm (phone) is one to 1.5 A

The back of the aircraft, with the description of the various USB and the plug.
USB for gsm (phone) is one to 1.5 A

So needless to say that for a faster charge, need to choose 1, 5A.

What is the battery life, it was able to charge 2 devices fully and simultaneously (a Sony experia and a Nokia) in 2 h, that could be used. Then the battery still held a bit to load an iPhone but it has failed to fully charge. Moreover, once it has loaded a device fully it stops charging, which is fine for the device and the battery.


In conclusion:

Once well used, modern devices have markedly decreased autonomy, which causes much concern. The alternative of this battery is a plus, especially for those who have different devices and who do not always want to clutter from several Chargers.

I give the score of 15/20

It is certainly a good product which loads very well and has good battery life and that is stylish (with its Apple-green edge). Capabilities are at the rendezvous.

But it is a pity the size (which is that of a disc external HDD 2.5 '') as well as the duration of load of the appliance and also the fact that the charging must be done by sector and USB.

Article link:—4000-mah.htm

Thanks again to our partner who always offers good products.



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