Review / Test: battery Mugen for smartphone


Anyone with a smartphone very soon notice: our smartphones eat up incredibly energy!

Before, with our GSM/mobile, it was easily a week, or even several weeks without even reloading!

Nowadays, they kept a few hours max 1-2 days…

Can optimize them to save a little of the battery like these, but do not be fooled, it gives no miracle no longer!


  • optimize and take an external battery
  • optimize and take an additional internal battery


And it’s about an internal battery for smartphone that I talk about: brand battery Mugen.

What you need to know, is that there are many brands of batteries, you can find noname, so cheap, but that may explode you in the Pocket and brands such as Mugen, but that far more expensive cost (minimum 30 euros the battery).

You have 3 kinds of internal batteries for smartphones:

  • the battery of the same size and capacity than the original (I speak not of those who have less capacity, they does not interest us not and have no meaning)
  • the battery of the same size but slightly larger capacity
  • the larger battery, requires a shell special, and much greater capacity


The batteries of sizes and larger capacities, while useful, make your much larger smartphone (almost 2 times bigger) and more, lousy IMHO because they are delivered (or not) with special shells intended to support the battery. These are either rounded only at the level of the battery, fully rounded but problem at the level of the camera. In short, they are not suitable to the design of the smartphone, moreover, most often, shells are of bad quality…

So I chose a battery of normal size, but slightly higher capacity for my HTC Evo 3D, a 1950 Mugen mAh battery. The original battery is 1730 MAH, which is an increase of 13%. This increase may be different according to the models of smartphones, Mugen making batteries for virtually all smartphones.


MUGEN is a brand well known in this area as Seido or Anker, known to be among the best batteries in the market.

Mugen batteries are known for their increase in capacity despite the standard size and their life expectancy.

I have not tested if the battery has exactly 13% of capacity more, but one thing is certain, is that it has much more capacity than the standard battery. I wanted about 1 or 2 days with the standard battery, but with it, I want easily 2 days and a half!

If I did not check that the capacity was 13% greater, it is because it is something rather hard to verify: a smartphone will consume more depending on the strength of the GSM signal, according to open programs, calls, sms, etc… There are so many elements that can vary that one day does not resemble another at this level here!

On the other hand, one thing I did not appreciate with Mugen battery, it is the calibration: the battery must be charged for at least 12 hours before being used! It is therefore not at all ready to use when you purchase! And 12 hours, it’s huge, and it’s not even as if you could leave it charging overnight because usually we sleep less than 12 hours! Moreover, this concerns a smartphone, it is a device that leaves rarely off as long!

In addition, so that the battery is to the maximum of its capacity, it must be loaded and unloaded 3 to 5 times! But alas, no info in this regard if it change something if it’s a quick discharge, fast charging, recharge with smartphone lit or not, etc…

Personally, I would have preferred a battery already calibrated and ready to use, especially at this price… (about 30 euros)


Note: the battery is supplied with a small very nice plastic touch intended to transport bag. It n protects not shock, but dust, Yes.



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