Test / notice: Support Duopod / monopod / tripod Veho MUVI X Lapse


When you want to create panoramic photos or videos or even a timelapse, it is difficult to do perfectly for the simple reason that you move constantly, and as a result, the alignment is not always respected.

In these cases, is better to equip themselves with a rotating support allowing both to have a stable base, but allows also to turn for a while in order to capture the panorama.


One of these supports is the Veho Muvi X Lapse:

  • Use to create panoramic views or a time lapse of 360 ° fff
  • An adjustable configuration allowing a rotation of 90 °
  • Can be fixed with standard tripods
  • A fixation for smartphone support is included
  • Thanks to its feet, it is a stable support for photos of details
  • Compatible with devices equipped with time lapse applications

My opinion

The first thing to say and I think significant, is that it does not require battery, therefore no need to reload, or cable.

Then, it is more or less universal: you can screw any tripods with screw a 1/4 – 20 UNC and you can screw any device accepting one screw 1/4 – 20 UNC. And if you have a smartphone, no worries, you have an adapter provided, a kind of double clamp, which allows to stabilize is your smartphone.


If you don't have tripods or there's no need to put one in, the Muvi X-lapse can work very well as it is, and if you need a little more stability, you have 3 foldable feet that are available!


The Veho Muvi X-lapse is easy to use: you place your smartphone and you turn clockwise the device, and hop, it will start to turn the other way.

For my part, I find that it is too easy to use: its operation is too similar to a kitchen timer (even the rattling looks like!). He made a 360 degree turn in 60 min, 180 degrees in 30 min, 90 degrees in 15 min, etc… In short, whatever you do, if you want a 360 degree panorama, you need to wait 60 minutes, not a minute more or less… No other way, like 10 min to do 360 degrees! And that's what I find a pity, there is no way to customize!

Despite this, it remains a good support that does its job and is practically universal.


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