Test / notice: Support for smartphone Clingo universal car


I'm not the type to break my head, then when I go into my car, I don't want to quibble about or how am I going to put my smartphone.

There are many types of brackets for smartphone by car:

  • Classic support with arm or pliers retractable or not
  • magnetic media
  • support by adhesion

Conventional media are effective and adapt easily to all smartphones in General. But generally the 2 hands needed to put or remove the smartphone support.

Magnetic media need only one hand, but requires to stick a magnet on your smartphone or its hull, which makes not only ugly, but can also give some problems with your smartphone. According some studies, although in electronics, this kind of magnets don't damage not components of the smartphone. On the other hand, it can interfere with the compass of your smartphone, which can make browsing a bit erratic GPS…

Media by adhesion, as support Clingo, is the same principle as the magnetic media, but rather than either of the magnets, this is only a sticky surface on one of the parties, which means that your smartphone does not need to be stuck with a magnet in his back!

Black clingo universal car phone mount

Characteristics of the Clingo car holder

  • Single self-adhesive technology
  • Keep an eye on your device while driving safely
  • For a perfect angle 360 ° rotation
  • Easy to use system
  • Fine and elegant with access to all ports and features
  • Retains its grip with a bit of maintenance
  • Membership to the windshield or dash by suction cup
  • Leaves no trace on the smartphone

The test of the Clingo car holder

Both say right away, I was surprised by the size of the contact area: when you see it, it looks surprisingly small, ten centimeter on 3-4cm. And yet, this size is ideal for the smartphone!

The tested version is the black, IE the 2nd version of the product, but except for the color, I don't know if there are other changes. Know also that the black version, unlike the green version from what I could see on photos, doesn't have the sticky pad black, but rather transparent, and is the color of the media itself, which gives the black color.

sticky pad

Let's now directly to what interests us most: the grip!

What is it sticks? The simple answer is: Yes!

But, Oh yes, there is a small "but", the grip is slightly modified depending on the situation. In order to have a good idea of the adhesion of the Clingo support, I stuck my top smartphone, and support held in hand, I shook him energetically in pretty much all the senses: my smartphone, accompanied by a protection in TPU shell, is off in a decade of shaking! I said everything as it was very large tremors, and apart make the rally, you shouldn't have to deal with such shocks (except if you ride on the donkey at the 90 km/h).

Tried again several times, I got the same result. Clingo being still quite renowned for his pad, I still asked me a few questions. By repeating the test several times in a row, I finally understood the problem, if we can say it's a problem: the reason for the detachment of the smartphone to support was the protective TPU shell! This protection in TPU shell is flexible type, which means that when the tremors were produced, the hull was stretched slightly, and stretching, reduced contact area + created areas of air + the weight of the smartphone which carried at the same time the hull, all was the smartphone stood support!

So I performed a second type of test, same principle, except that this time, without protective shell! Result? No matter the jerks, no way, but then, no way to do it!

In short, in this case, the flexible covers are not specifically advised. If like me, you are afraid that your smartphone stands out, test the support at home first! Ironically, in this case, the presence of a flexible protective shell increases the risk of falling from a smartphone without flexible hull!

I still remember that even with a flexible hull, the grip is very good!

support foot

About adhesion, the support is on the dashboard or on the windshield with a suction cup. It comes with a pad rigid stick if necessary on the dashboard. Provided that the surface is flat, the grip is perfect, but if the surface not East, don't even try to test the sucker, you must use the provided pad (or any other pad).

Support for car Clingo being an arm, you can move the height of this arm thanks to a screw that you unscrew to release the catches, a bit like the clutch a car! Once screw, no chance that he move his height, it is perfectly stable.



Excellent support for car, grip is excellent, especially without flexible protective shell! Hard to blame something on this support, especially as the pad is washable to find the grip of origin! Come on, only one little problem, it is that if you are driving and you want to change the height, it is not that easy to change: screw, release the 2 sides notched, change the height, then tighten. But this difficulty to change their height the result is simply an impossibility for the support that it changes its height of himself a bit, and, regardless of the shaking!


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