Review / Test: Universal SpiderPodium support from Breffo for smartphone

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Here is a small test of a smartphone holder, its peculiarity? Be compatible with all smartphones and situations! Because The Spider Podium of Breffo is not like all the usual non-malleable smartphone media that can be found in store, this one is in the form of a spider! brieffo-spiderpodium-white


Who says spider, says 8 legs! And the SpiderPodium has 8 legs that can be folded in all directions! These each have 3 joints, but the folds don't necessarily have to follow these joints! Each leg is 9 cm long. The central body connecting the 8 legs is a holed rectangle (in order to pass a data or recharging cable) 2 cm wide and 4.5 cm long. This gives us in total, compatibility for all smartphones up to plus or minus 22 cm! In short, at this level, no worries for the compatibility of the smartphone, the support exceeds smartphones and even becomes compatible with some tablets and other devices such as cameras, mp3 and mp4 players, etc.! The ultra-light support, is composed of rubber that has an excellent grip (and alas, because of its grip, it also adheres dust … ), and is easily foldable. Although this support can be used in virtually any situation, since the frame is made of metal, like any malleable metal, remember that it can break by bending! Moreover, it can easily be noticed after several bends that it is difficult to put the leg straight, characteristic of any metal that you fold several times, it is very difficult to put it right. And although the frame is made of metal, there's no need to think about it clinging to your fridge door with magnets, the thickness of the rubber is such that the strength of the magnets (even powerful ones) is greatly attenuated. Spiderman Except on the door of a fridge, the Spider Podium can hang anywhere! Wrist of the fridge door, on the handlebars of a bicycle, in landscape mode or portrait mode, clinging to the vent of the car radiator, hanging from the rearview mirror, hanging on a foot of a table, etc. In short, it is not the places that are missing to be able to enjoy his smartphone in peace without having it in hand, only depends on your imagination! Yes, because since the Spider has 8 legs, it only takes at least 2 to hold the smartphone and one for it to hold!!! So you still have 5 legs to do what you want: strengthen the hooking of the smartphone, strengthen stability or even, hang your keys to one of the legs for example! Spiderpodium in the car Spiderpodium chair Spiderpodium tightrope walker


In short, I highly recommend it! Compatible with all smartphones and locations! What more could you ask for? All that remains is to see the lifespan level. Very successful design, bend all the legs in the same direction, put it on a table and you will expect the support to start running like a real spider! test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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