Review/test: Rechargeable AA battery USBCell

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Nowadays, alas, we have not yet invented the transmission of wireless electricity… except maybe Qi technology for Smartphones that allows them to recharge wirelessly, but this still requires a contact between the device and the base. And so our wireless devices still need a power source that is either brought by a battery or by batteries. The devices requiring batteries are still less and less present than a dozen years ago, but in some of our computer peripherals, these are very present, and I think especially of our dear keyboards and mice without wires! Of course, I will not insult you to tell you that there are 2 kinds of batteries, the rechargeable batteries (also called batteries) and the non-rechargeable. And this is where these famous USBcell rechargeable batteries are discovered in our partner gift-Maestro. What do they have in particular? Well, they don't need a classic reloader because they recharge in USB, charger built into the battery itself! Gift-Gift-MaestroMaestro specializes in the world of gift and by visiting the site I took the opportunity to make one.  The search engine of ideas is very practical (especially on mobile) since it consists of Picto to check. The site offers a wide choice of gift ideas for all tastes: high tech, Deco, love, gourmet, games, fashion etc… For info, I ordered last Friday and I received my parcel on Monday (amazing to cross France and come to my house).  

The USBCell AA battery test

rechargeable battery USBcell AAA It is a pack of 2 AA/R6 batteries of 1, 2V to 1300mAh NiMH. These are 2 batteries that have exactly the same dimensions as normal AA rechargeable batteries and more or less identical weights. The capacity of 1300 mAh is lower than on AA rechargeable batteries that can usually be found, but it must be understood that the USB head that serves as a reload takes up space that is not used by electrical capacity. The head of the battery (green cap) withdraws easily, it is attached by an elastic wire and gives access to the USB head by which one can recharge the battery. According to the instructions, the recharge is done in 5h in USB, but during my first recharge, it was done in less than 3h and in a few minutes to pass from 90% to 100%. The battery illuminates with a green led when it is charging, flashes when it is charged at 90% and turns off once fully charged! In short, this type of USBcell battery allows you to free yourself from a battery charger, but also lets you know the charge rate of the battery thanks to its integrated led! And thanks to the fact that the CAP is thanks to a strong elastic, the CAP does not interfere with the USB port! Although this one no longer requires a conventional battery charger, it can still be recharged by them if necessary! In short, advanced classic batteries! A must for anyone not wanting to use additional devices to recharge their AA batteries! Its capacity, although less compared to some batteries that can be found, remains correct. You can find these batteries here: edit: be careful that when charging, these batteries can heat up enormously! I had a USB hub that partially melted at the USB ports, but it was a low-cost hub. Tested on 7 other devices containing a USB port, although burning, the batteries failed to melt the USB ports (whew!)! [Gallery IDs = "7006, 7007,7008"] test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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