Review / Test: memory card Micro SD 32 GB


Whether for the camera, mobile phones, digital tablets or any other device for which the use of memory can be very useful and even essential standard SD memory cards are everywhere! Whether it's SD cards, micro SD or mini SD, or as storage capacities or that of SD, SDHC or SDXC!

Today, I make the acquisition of a micro SDHC 32 GB class 4 with an adapter card.
It made a lot of term for a small map. A little décortiquons it!
Already, why choose a microSDHC card with an adapter instead of a standard SDHC card which is often cheaper for equivalent quality? My choice is simple, these maps are not intended for a single device. For example an SDHC card that suits my camera (here therefore a MicroSDHC + adapter) is not suitable for my phone or my portable speaker (who reads the microSD directly). So this choice can be used in all the device that read the SDHC format either in size standard or micro. Then, this MicroSD card is not a simple SD but a SDHC for high capacity (High Capacity in real ;-)). You should know that SD cards go up to 4 maximum GB so that the SDHC card range in the range from 2 GB to 32 GB. So here we have the maximum capacity for the SDHC range.

Finally, the "class 4". This indicates the minimum write throughput that is insured. Under no circumstances, the map will be smaller than 4 MB/s throughput. Nevertheless, it is the assured minimum flow and this limits in any way the possible maximum. Thus, when I transfer map files to my computer or computer to the card, the rate is closer to 10 MB/s (which corresponds to the minimum flow provided by a class 10). In my camera map is the road when I take pictures in burst or that I film in HD (which requires a consequent write speed). So of course, it does not reach the performance of class 10, which currently have a data transfer close to 90 MB/s fastest and next brands (but which are also much more expensive) but its performance remains sufficient for current use and not the video professional or other.

To conclude with a price less than 30 euros, you have a suitable memory card in a multitude of device, offering therefore storage of more than 15,000 photographs in 6Mpx or several hours of HD video!


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