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test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 You think not necessarily seen that for most people, using a keyboard normal, basic, just like mouse. But in the world of video games, you mouse dedicated to gaming, but also of the keyboards dedicated to video games. What do they bring in more than the classic versions? Like gamers mice, you have the design, the speed and the new buttons in addition. But one of the most important things in my eyes is anti-ghosting! Besides, it's simple, for my part, I think that a keyboard that does not have the anti-ghosting function is simply a keyboard for player! So first of all, for those who ignore it, what is ghosting? Ghosting occurs when you press multiple keys simultaneously and instead of having all the keys pressed respond, you will have some that will simply not react as if it had not been pressed (hence the term ghosting for ghost, Which in French means phantom) or you even have an adverse effect that may appear, that is, that another key responds when it has not been pressed! There are 3 reasons for this: keyboard architecture in itself, software and the USB/PS2 interface. To check whether or not your keyboard supports the anti-ghosting, it's pretty simple, open a text editor and hold left CTRL and Shift right (the shift keys are the arrow keys has upwards from each side of your keyboard) and while now the 2 keys, press the Z button. If your keyboard has function anti-ghosting, the Z will appear, otherwise, it is that you do not have anti-ghosting. Attention that the anti-ghosting is defined in number of keys supported and not on the entire keyboard. That is why when you buy a gaming keyboard, it is important to know the number of touch that have anti-ghosting and what are the affected keys. At stake, the most used keys are Z, Q, S, D and the directional arrows. If these don't have anti-ghosting, it's not a keyboard for gamers! These keys are the minimal union! TPerixx px-3200he keyboard for gamer PX-3200 is:

  • A backlit keyboard with wrist
  • 27 keys anti-ghosting
  • 12 x 3 soft keys
  • Ports jacks to amplify the headphones and micro
  • Backlight adjustable keyboard, up to 16 million colors
  • lock Windows key (play Mode)
  • 32 k memory for macro management


The test


The general appearance

The first thing to say is that it is a great keyboard: 52.1 cm long and 22.7 cm wide for 3.7 cm thick. At the design level, I find it very beautiful, very classy, especially when this one is illuminated! Unfortunately, the keyboard is plastic and features at this level, 2 faults: it keeps the fingerprints and the claws appear quickly enough and quickly spoil the design… At the level of the rear panel, this keyboard has 5 non-slip pads, 2 on each side and 1 on the bottom. It is a great idea for those who do not use their keyboard at the zero level, but inclined. But the best of the best would have been to add an additional pad on the top! Too bad. The USB cable is fairly rigid, although it is not supposed to much be manipulated, a somewhat more flexible cable would be also desirable. Although shown and non-editable, the keyboard lights go off when not used. A simple pressure on the wrist rest to relight the diodes.

The keys

Keyboard, relatively quiet and pleasant to use, includes additional keys from an ordinary keyboard:

  • 12 touch programmable G1 G12, which may have different functions depending on the mode of the keyboard, i.e. M1, M2 or M3. I had great difficulty to program these keys, half of the orders were simply not functioning. After contact with Perixx support, the problem has been resolved and has learned that there is a method for programming quick macro without driver, something that it was not marked in the operating instructions. And it is following a rapid programming of macro, that it is unlocked… Bug, improper use, wrong programming of the driver? That is the question!
  • 3 keyboard modes that are defined by M1, M2 and M3, and that allow you to define a series of programmable keys and a (modifiable) color by mode. By default, M1 puts your keyboard in red, blue M2 and M3 in green. The driver allows you to change the colours (7 max)… What are 3 only the keyboard keys that are not lit.
  • A MR key, which is a macro key
  • 3 keys to sound level: quiet, increase volume, decrease volume
  • 1 key manual backlight colour change, 7 colors available. By the way, are the 7 colors advertised on Amazon, but on the official website as well as on the box of the keyboard, it is announced up to 16 million colors… missing unfortunately 15 million 999 thousand 993… 7 colors, it's already not bad and the colors are excellent, but good…
  • 2 keys of brightness of the backlight, one to raise the intensity and one to lower
  • 1 lock button Windows, which allows you do not accidentally press the Windows button and therefore leave the game without wanting to
  • 1-touch keypad lock, which prevents your cat to write no matter during your absence ^^

In addition to these additional "special" keys, you have the classic keys on a QWERTY keyboard, except that… Ben at the base, in the design, it is a Qwerty keyboard that they have built and then modified in Azerty. Personally, it doesn't bother me and I find even that it was normal except when the only changes are the rearrangement of the letters and that one forgets that the symbols also change… For example, on a QWERTY keyboard, the number 8 can also give you an exclamation point. On a qwerty keyboard, it is a dash. Another example: the button which gives the + and = is located in the front last row of a QWERTY keyboard, on a qwerty keyboard, it is at the level of the line of figures. What gives you in real situation with the Px-3200, when you press the 8 button, you have an exclamation point while on your keyboard you press the button 8 to have a dash because that is what is marked on your key!!! Basically, for signs and symbols, the engraving on the keys has not been altered! It's not professional at all! The passage of a QWERTY keyboard in QWERTY is not just a rearrangement of the letters! Mea Culpa: After discussing it with Perixx, they reminded me that the French QWERTY is different from the Belgian QWERTY, which is quite accurate, or being Belgian, I have always been accustomed to the Belgian QWERTY and unfortunately, they do not yet have a QWERTY keyboard Belgium. Normally, this problem can be solved for the Belgians by changing the language Windows-level, putting thus Azerty France instead of Azerty Belgium. After that, all you have to do is not to type the letters blind by habit! ;-) Otherwise, you have 8 additional reserve keys: Z, Q, S, D and the 4 directional arrows, in short the keys that are most used in play and that are likely to have a problem.   Little bonus if you have or will have this keyboard, given that I had need, this will prevent you from going through the media, maybe will you also need to know how to test a quick macro without driver:

  • Press M1, M2 or M3.
  • MR-press
  • Press the soft key G1 (or another, until G12)
  • Type 5 letters maximum
  • MR-press
  • In a word processor or other, press the G1 (or whatever if you have chosen another) and there should be 5 letters.



I must say that I was very disappointed when I noticed that the programmable keys only worked half! Fortunately the technical support of Perixx was there to solve my problem otherwise I would have skyrocketed this keyboard! Aesthetically, it is beautiful, and functionally, it had potential… but driver offer unfortunately quite few options and break the big potential that could have this keyboard… Fortunately the anti-ghosting works as well as the backlight (although it lacks some colors…) On the other hand, a big bad point, the shot of the QWERTY/QWERTY, I would almost say that it is unforgivable! (although I understand that at the cost level, it generates a fee) There is nothing more unpleasant than having a keyboard whose engraved keys do not correspond to reality! Especially for a gamer! One last small point, the manual is not explanatory, and the help is totally absent from the software/driver… CA it's a shame because everyone is not like me that touching everything and loves discover… Fortunately the technical support knows his job and is very responsive!   [Gallery link = "file" ids = "7289, 7290, 7291, 7292, 7294, 7295, 7296, 7297,7298"]   Product Link: Http:// test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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