Test / review: keyboard gaming one-handed, T9 more aLLreLi

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 When playing a game on pc, we usually use the keyboard and the mouse to move and perform actions IG (in game). The keyboard/mouse combo allows a lot of possibilities, but alas, a keyboard is great, and we have 10 fingers and different people, there are more than 5 available for the keyboard fingers because the other hand uses the mouse. 5 fingers to a keyboard, it is sufficient, but the trouble is that in most games, it is about speed of response. However to effectively use the keys on a keyboard that is the size of 2 to 4 hands of long, it is not ideal for a good performance.   Here is the test of a particular gaming keyboard: the most aLLreLi T9   screenshot_50

The test

The T9 aLLreLi more gaming keyboard is undoubtedly intended for video games. But it has the particularity that all keys are usable by a single hand! In particular, the left! Basically, it takes the most used keys in video games, all in one can be used one-handed keyboard. This game keyboard consists of 28 on 5 rows and a space key on the right. Can be found in the order (from upper-left to the bottom right the following keys):

  • Escape, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5
  • ² ~, 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • TAB, Q, W, E, R, P
  • SHIFT, A, S, D, F, B
  • CTRL, ALT, G
  • and space in the lower-right

  screenshot_51 Unpacking, we are surprised by its quality, and more quality or defect, it is not the lighter and allows a good grip and will not be tempted to slide! It looks also robust. In addition to the keys usually used in game, the space bar including, although here it is more a bar, there is also a wrist rest! It is really comfortable to use, the wrist rest is quite relaxing. Like the majority of gaming keyboards, it lights up also in RGB! And it's really beautiful! Customization is fairly extensive: you can customize the color of each key, intensity, color, effects, speed,… Presence also of "a bright slice on the side. And like any keyboard gaming self-respecting, you can program macros! screenshot_52Cscreenshot_53able, you have a USB cable about 2 m and woven nylon, short of the solid.   In short, an excellent keyboard gaming one-handed, strong, very well suited to the games, nice and customizable to the level of the backlight of the keys. screenshot_54 On the other hand, a default keys support is quite noisy, but hey, mechanical switch, so are somewhat normal, but there is some form of resonance which, I feel, amplifies the sound.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Clavier-Gaming-M%C3%A9canique-aLLreLi-R%C3%A9tro-%C3%A9clair%C3%A9/dp/B01I3D5I1G test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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