Review / Test: Dongle USB Data Link to communicate between 2 Pc


As long as you have at least 2 computers at home, there's come a time where you want to transfer files between the 2.

In this case, you have the traditional stuff:

  • USB key
  • External hard drive
  • Memory card
  • Go through internet

But in all cases, it is a waste of time, especially if they are big files you want to transfer!

You have to first transfer to a certain support, which takes time, and then just transfer or download to another computer from this media, which also takes time! So finally you have to make 2 transfers from one computer to another, even if they are separated from the other by a few centimetres!

At a certain moment, you are surely posed as a question: is there a way to transfer from one pc to another directly?

And the answer is: Yes!

You have bluetooth, but not all pc on this embedded technology. You have direct Wifi, but it is little known and need also your computers to be able to do…

Another solution? Connect the 2 computers with just a cable, but for that, the 2 ends must be female tips! Gold in virtually all the cables you use, you have a male and a female!

So to remedy this, I propose to you a pc accessory, Smart KM Link, which is a USB dongle data link and that will solve the problem of transfer between 2 computers!


It, resembling a followed by a mini-usb/usb cable, USB allows to connect 2 pc directly and transfer the files all directly!


Have an accessory to transfer files and data between 2 pc directly, it is already very useful! But in addition have a system for controlling the 2 computers with one keyboard and mouse, it's even better! And that is what offers the Smart KM Link!


I had the opportunity to test this very useful accessory and here is my opinion:

  • The USB stick

With a length of 7.5 cm, it is slightly longer than the key usb storage files of a few centimetres. I find that its length is still acceptable. On the other hand, it is quite light, even lighter than my USB 16 gigas.


  • The cable

The cable, it is 1, 27 m. To be relatively quiet and enough space to connect 2 pc set. The cable is large enough, I would say between 1 to 2 times bigger than a typical USB cable. Despite its thickness, it is not too hard.


  • The connection between 2 computers

Smart KM Link uses the plug and play, that just plug so that the device is automatically detected and that the correct drivers are installed. No worries, the detection and installation on 2 computers is made without a hitch, I did not have to intervene! Subsequently, 2 computers will detect the cable as being a CD player, and inside of it is software, the Smart KM Link.

Once the software is launched on the 2 computers you can control 2 PCs with one keyboard and mouse! It is as simple as that, nothing to set up, everything takes place without problem, you have ToolTips that appear to help you. The passage of the mouse of one computer to another is done by passage of the mouse from one edge to another screen, short exactly as if you had a computer to 2 screens! Simple and effective!

And, you can change the settings, here are the options available:


Click to zoom

As you can see, it is fairly complete and in french!


  • File transfer

It is here that is the weak point of this accessory Oh how useful! At the level of speed, there's no worries, it is USB 2.0, certainly it isn't USB 3.0, but the rate is still high.

  1. On my pc fixed: transfer 10 gigas on my USB is about 1 h. Transfer of my key to my laptop, 5-10 min.
  2. With the cable: 10 min total to transfer 10 gigas!

The only worries, it is software: despite all the help and information that the software provides for the control of 2 computers, there is none for file transfer

I thought the software was going to open some sort of file manager, but no, nothing. Nothing either in Windows Explorer. Nothing on the menu "send to"… In short, total nothingness of information about file transfers.

So how to transfer files? By moving the files from one screen to another, or by copying and pasting! And by the way, cut and paste does not work! The transfer is always done per copy.

Also another detail, it is that during a file transfer, a window appears as Windows the fact, except that… It is even worse than Windows to the level of detail! Here is a picture:


Well, it gives the name of the uploaded file, elapsed, percentage and a progress bar… for a file… except that I had uploaded to 10 files at the same time! So once the transferred file, it is has reset seconds and progression, what makes that there is no global vision! Not transfer speed, no progress bar for all the files to be transferred, no estimates of remaining time, not origin, not destination, etc… and I find it too bad!


In conclusion:

This accessory is very well his job: installation and quick and simple use, control of the 2 machines sans souci and quick transfer! The only concern is at level information for transfers, not aid and insufficient details. Pity, it was a flawless, as when you want to exit the software, he proposes even uninstall if desired! Very interesting option if you couple the cable with a computer that we know that it conduct more transfer in the future! The software is in version 1.0 in my test, I hope that they come a-update that will add more information for transfers! My score: 18/20!


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