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As I said you during the test on the charging cable and synchronization one coil, I had broken 2 cables. A coil replacing now one 2, need me so still a new to be fully operational!

For 2nd cable, I decided this time to test another among the wide range of cable data available, a retractable cable!

I rarely wander with my laptop on the outside, it’s really when there is a planned thing that I take it with me, otherwise, I don’t ever take! I must say that it weighs still 2 kg! And I have no netbook (mini laptop). On the other hand, I have almost all the time my smartphone with me! However it often happens that one wants to pass me a file, a program that I’m working on it, I throw a glance, etc… I sometimes a USB with me, but the trouble is that I have to wait to be home and transfer the file on my comp to work… because there are few smartphones accepting key USB OTG (On The Go, technology allowing for example the smartphone to read the USB without going through a computer) not to mention that it must be a cable, in addition to the USB!

As always, I have no intention of lugging me the 3/4 time with 2kg for nothing, I decided to opt for a retractable cable!

With this retractable cable, I no longer have need of USB, or Tote me with a 2 m long cable! Clutter is really reduced and files can be transmitted directly in my smartphone (with 32 gigas microSD card, I largely place compared to my key that is 16 gigas!)

So for me, this retractable cable has 3 advantages:

  • need more usb key
  • no need for cable 2 m, therefore less clutter
  • lighter


But the cable I chose still has another advantage, that have several built-in tips!

The OneCable, with a length of 70 cm maximum in deployment, has 3 tips in 1: 1 tip Apple, 1 micro-USB tip and 1 mini-USB tip!


My opinion on this accessory:

  • At the level of the length

The cable not retracted is 15 cm and completely place 70 cm. It is one or the other, or you use completely retracted or completely rolled out, but not half place.


  • At the level of the cable

It is a flat wire thin, which alas will pose a problem as I will explain later in the level of connectivity. But because the cable is fine, the whole is very light.


  • At the level of bits

3 present tips are a lot of devices are compatible, and Moreover, they are removable, which is a good point because one of the tip, for Apple devices me is personally useless!

Alas, aside from these good points, is also at the level of bits that it has problems, including a critic!

The super big problem of this cable that I discovered in unpacking, it is that it has been poorly designed side tips mini-usb/micro-usb/pin Apple!

The USB cable part presents no problem: plastic head USB marries the form of the reel (red circle), so on this side, nothing to say! Unlike the other side (arrows)!


The other side, IE tips that will connect to the device, the plastic did not marry the reel and cable is longer about 0.5 cm! And the fact that there are 1 to 3 bits at this location, weight bent the cable because there is no plastic who marries the form of the reel, the cable is not right and does therefore not protect! Unpacking, the cable was already bent as shown in the picture, so that it takes the least amount of space.

Result? One-third of the cable is bare of its sheath at this location!

In question? Packaging that boils down to 2 plastic bags, and that therefore no safeguard against the hazards of transport movements. I suppose therefore that cable strolled by mountains and winds, is bent to one side, then the other, and this several times seen that there is absence of plastic that holds the cable to the hose reel and weight 3 connectors together and also the fact that the cable is quite thin and flat…

I have however failed to take a picture of the part of the bare cable because it is small enough and my camera was unable to do the development and flash not reached it. But believe me on Word, it is visible to the naked eye!

In short, the advantage of a thin and lightweight cable + the advantage of several tips + 1 design (forgot?) gives rise to a very big disadvantage error!

Another concern, much less, is that tips are not interchangeable. You have an agenda and a well-defined sense to respect: If you want to use the Apple pin, you must be that the mini-usb tip is present (it is always, because it is attached to the cable), by top adapter micro-usb and finally the Apple pin! For example, you cannot shorten by putting the PIN directly after the mini-usb tip.


In conclusion:

A big black dot at the OneCable, it is the lack of plastic marrying the reel at the level of the mini-usb tip! If unpacking, the cable is already partly bare, I dare not even imagine as uses! It’s simple: after you saw that the cable was bare and after analysis, have understood how this was probably produced, I dare not even take it with me! I’m careful with my accessories, if I take it with me on the go, he will not hold the shot! But this cable is still intended to be used on the move! Moreover, it has a loop into Keychain, but you can forget about this idea! With tips in the open air, and especially to one side of the loose ends…

It is indeed a great pity! This lack of plastic makes drop his note to 10/20! I put the half because the cable is still usable, it works perfectly, but this lack and this fragility makes him lose interest!


Link to the product in question:


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