Test / Reviews: Rocketbook Everlast notebook reusable and intelligent with OCR


I had tested the Rocketbook Everlast Mini notebook in A6 format some time ago and I loved it so much that I decided to take a version a bit bigger, in A5.

In the meantime, the app has been updated to support OCR!

The OCR or ROC, for those who do not know, is character recognition.

everlast rocketbook

The Everlast Rocketbook

The difference between the A6 and A5 versions? Of course, you have the size that is different. The spiral is placed at the top in the A6 version, and on the left for the A5 version.

I blamed the A6 version of the Rocketbook Everlast for not having a tether for the erasable bic. Element that I could understand given the size of the spiral block in A6. The Pilot FriXion roller pen is larger than the note block. But its absence in the A5 format is much less understandable! A tie to the right side would have been welcome!

The design is more beautiful on the A5 version with the Rocketbook logo on the front. On the A6 version, it's no logo.

rocketbook a5 a6


In version A6, when you scan a page with the app, you eventually have 7 possible destinations.

Currently, you can send on Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, Trello, Slack, Box, Photos and Email.

The 7 destinations are represented by images: Rocket, Diamond, Apple, Bell, Clover, Star and Horseshoe.

seven symbols

In the A5 version, you have the 7 icons that are already printed on each page of the notebook. And by making a cross on the desired icon, the app will directly perform the action! So you have one less step to do compared to the A6 version!

7 icons

Plus, in the first cover of your A5 notebook, you have a reminder on which you can indicate what a particular icon is!

rocketbook page guard 7 icons

The app

The application has evolved in the meantime. This allows, among other things, to scan Beacons whiteboards. The other evolution is character recognition.

The first thing to know is that by default, it's disabled and so you have to go into the app settings to activate this feature.

Once activated, this feature is only available for English recognition… except that he recognized the word "title" very well.

What is the OCR for?

In this context, the ocr is used to directly name the various pages that have been scanned and to search those pages.

For a specific name to be put as the title of your scan, you just need to put a word between 'S. For example: '#TITRE'.

It goes without saying that you have to write in capital letters and as cleanly as possible, it is basic OCR. If you write like a doctor or something that looks like fly paws, the software won't help you.

Conclusion of the RocketBook Everlast

There is still no attachment for the roller pen, and that's a shame. But on the other hand, we have the option to perform actions directly by scanning the page if we have ticked one of the icons provided for this purpose.

The OCR can be useful, but it takes time to apply yourself to write well…


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