Test / Reviews: Fresound Bluetooth Stereo Receiver Kit


When you think that before you had to have a different camera for each thing (a camera for photos, a walkman for music, etc.) and that now everything can be put together in one object, personally I am always impressed.


This is the case of this Fresound bluetooth stereo kit here that allows you to listen to your music wirelessly, from our smartphone to the headphones as well as to the car’s radio (via the AU socket and the 3.5mm jack cable provided) , to act as a hands-free kit for calls, all gathered in a small clip quite similar to an older generation iPod Nano when you look at it more closely.

Package content and components

  • a micro-USB charging cable
  • a 3.5mm jack connection cable
  • a pair of in-ear headphones
  • a fairly detailed manual, in English.
  • Bluetooth receiver: Bluetooth 4.0 version compatible with most devices, theoretical range of 10m, range (conversation) of about 7-8 hours and standby battery estimated between 150 and 180 hours.

It has a clip at the back that allows it to be hung on clothing, which can be convenient for the hands-free function possible thanks to the built-in microphone (also allows the use of voice commands).


Pairing is done in a very simple way by NFC: just pass the smartphone over the Bluetooth receiver and it’s done! :D … Hm, well no, that’s in theory, because in the notice we advise to install the application “NFC easy contact”, which I did not find in Android so it started badly … So I went straight to the bluetooth pairing step, which happens in the traditional way: after turning on the device by leaving the multifunction button pressed for several seconds, until the blue/red flashing alternate, the bluetooth is activated on the smartphone to be connected and the pairing simply comes true.

Then all I had to do was connect the receiver via the jack cable to my AU port, and everything I broadcast on my phone was transmitted, with good quality sound.



Good beh… Mixed. The idea is nice, it works pretty well in Bluetooth mode via the port AUX, convenient for music in the car, it goes a lot for calls too, but disappointed not to have managed to connect it in NFC, and that the instructions are not more detailed , I had a hard time finding my way around (while I’m not a quiche in English and used to gadgets).


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