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In my job, I use a lot of automatons and since there are many elements to remember, I use notepads to quickly write down the items to remember. But since I’m in a constantly changing environment, notepads pile up after a while because I don’t like to throw them away, even if they’re items that are no longer relevant, they can still be used.

I find it a bit of a pity that once filled, we do not know anything about it, except scan neither scanning and then throwing them to make room …

That’s why I looked for an alternative that is more economical and greener:

  • take notes directly on the smartphone? Very interesting, but impractical! Except for smartphones that have a stylus like the Galaxy Note, it’s hard to take long notes, drawings, etc. And those who have stylus make this practice easier, but the screen soon finds itself being too small
  • Rocketbook Everlast Mini digital notebook? Try!

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini Notebook Test

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini is a pretty innovative notebook: it’s reusable!

But in addition to being reusable, it also makes it easy to scan professionally and send pages scrawled with notes!

The recipe? The gathering of various technologies brought together in one product:

  • a notepad with glossy pages with a black edge on each slip and a QR code specific to each page
  • an elitable ballpoint pen
  • a smartphone app that allows you to easily scan each sheet and send them via email or a cloud service like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc.

The notepad itself is not really special in itself: it is a sort of set of glossy papers with a black edge and a QR code… It is above all the ballpoint pen that does all the work: he writes on one side and on the other side, a kind of gum is present to erase the ink. It is a ballpoint pen of the brand Pilot, Model FriXion ball. The one provided is black, but nothing prevents you from changing it to another color. The erasure is done by heat, the special ink fades when one rubs (this produces heat). Moreover, RocketBook advises not to leave the notebook in the car in the sun at the risk of not finding anything on it!

QR codes

For scanning, the QR code allows the app to identify the page and the black edge allows it to properly delineate the page. Note that I check, the QR code is the same for all pages, it serves just to say that it is a page to scan, not to tell him that it is the 1st or 10th page. On the other hand, it can tell the meaning of the page, so if you scan it upside down, it will return the page to you! The scan is done automatically, just present the pages one after the other in front of the camera lens of your smartphone, and it will take all the scans. And if you leave the same page in front of the lens, it’s that same page that it will have scanned a number of times.

The rendering of the scan

Regarding the rendering of the scan, it’s pretty faithful, it’s a bit like a photocopy, you have a bit of loss in the process, but it’s not huge and it’s pretty faithful!

Also be aware that if you draw a little on the QR code, it will still be able to read it, but it would seem that there will be some loss of rendering in this corner. And that if you draw something that looks like a QR code, it also passes (although I saw it hesitate a short time the very first time despite it being not very similar. :-D)

Original version
Scanned version

The erasure of the writing is very good, but sometimes it can leave traces. I do not know if it was because I pressed too hard or if it was a place where there was a larger amount of ink. Note that these traces do not disturb the scanning or the rewriting on top.

Trace the pseudo QR-code – the letter F that I had deleted and then rewrite.


Conclusion of the RocketBook Everlast Mini

The set “carnet-stylo-application” makes the product very interesting and I’m won over!

Glossy paper allows pleasant writing, but also makes it easier to scrub the ink without leaving too many traces. (On classic paper, even when erased, we notice very strongly what had been written). The ballpoint pen has a built-in eraser. The app automatically scans.

The flaws? Since the note block requires a special pen, I would have liked to have a pen attachment to avoid losing it, because if I use another ballpoint pen, I make the note block as useful as another note block… And this is also the 2nd negative, it is precisely that we are obliged to use a ballpoint pen very specific! A big revolution would have been that it was the notebook that was erased, not the ink, which would have allowed to use any bic! (But hey, this is a bit more complicated to create :-D)


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