Test / Reviews: Smartband AT300 Prixton connected wristband


Having returned to sport lately, I want to be able to follow my activity and my progress (ahem…), so I need trackers; I already have a Garmin Vivofit, which does its job of tracking but I do not like the app, and a Fitbit One but I do not like the fact that it is not a bracelet. So I wanted to test this one, the at300 smartband from Prixton, to see what can "be" an activity tracker of a brand that I did not know after testing the most well-known models.


So when we unpacked, we have:

  • The bracelet (detachable from the tracker)
  • tracker (which must therefore be removed from the bracelet for loading)
  • the charger (I had never seen a charger like this personally, a clip clip on the tracker (see photo))
  • the manual, quite complete, in any case no information I missed to use it.

First impression wanting to start using my new tracker, loading a little special as I said above, but in itself, once we understood how to put the clip and we do not quibble while it loads, it remains (relatively) well in place, no worries. The loading is pretty fast, I'd say 2 hours, then we can start.


Easy-to-find app on the Play Store (Day Day Band), and intuitive to use. I personally find it more enjoyable to use than the Garmin app… The Bluetooth connection is done in a normal way, without any complications.

You can see the steps taken on the day, the quality of sleep, the goals on the week, etc.


What I particularly like are the possibilities of notifications of the bracelet via the smartphone/Bluetooth connection!


When you go into "add more," you know which apps you want notifications for, for example Messenger, and it works pretty well. Most of the time I received the notification but it happened that I saw that I have a message and that I did not feel anything like vibration. However, this works well when receiving a call.

So much for the app. For the tracking functions, I was a little disappointed: yes, it records everything, but I had a difference of 5000 steps between the Garmin and this one, both worn on the same arm for a day … Garmin told me about 12,000 steps, while the Prixton indicated 7000 … It's going to diminish my efforts yes?! xD (Note from Pandoon: Ben what?! It encourages you to do more sports, you who wanted to play sports, what are you complaining about?! ^^ ) When I wear the Garmin and fitbit at the same time, I only have a difference of about 500 steps, so I would say that the Garmin is more reliable and that it is not too reliable in terms of counting steps … Now it's always nice to receive a notification when you don't move enough, …

The tracking of sleep is him on the other hand quite well, and it starts on its own, I could see that I woke up a lot, that's actually right.

The tracker screen is bright and pleasing to the view with its light blue writing on a black background, the battery life is about 6/7 days, which is fine I think, for the little gadget that it is. A single button to the tracker that serves a lot of things (for example to trigger the camera of the smarphone).

I was going to forget in the functions that make me love this bracelet despite the lack of precision measurements, it's the ability to set alarms! Ultra convenient to be awakened by vibration when you do not want to wake your spouse next door for example :)

On the other hand, the big black dot here for me, the bracelet is nice to wear, BUT it does not hold well at all, it does not stop falling, and to be honest, not only the bracelet stalls, but also the tracker tends to be "expulsed" very often (or pre sque) from his box in the bracelet… It would really take a clip or other to affix to secure the closure, or in any case correct this defect, because it makes the use difficult and much less pleasant the shot :-/

My final opinion?

The +:

  • Notifications
  • Autonomy
  • Nice display
  • Alarms!


  • counting steps (which is still a shame for a tracker …)
  • the bracelet almost impossible to keep on the arm

This is, unfortunately, a bracelet that I would buy only for vibrating alarms and notifications, and as a watch, because it is impossible for me to follow normal physical activity with it without losing the bracelet or tracker. If it is a defect that the manufacturer can correct, I would recommend it, otherwise you will be disappointed just because of that I think …


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