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That he who is fed up with cables all over his car raises his hand! * raises your hand * good OK, maybe not everyone has as many cables as me in his car, but between the iPhone charger, the cable for the Dashcam, the cable for my seat heating, […]

Test/review: Myjack 2, aux-in Bluetooth converter

I'm a little conflicted when it comes to smartphones: iPhone at their very beginning here, then right out of the Samsung Galaxy Note series I jumped for their size, especially, and I made them 1 to 4, and recently ironed on iPhone 7 more… Yes but I look at more […]

Samsung Galaxy S9: A smartphone is almost perfect?

You know, the stressful moment where you feel your pocket and your keys aren't there? We all know it, and I've had enough of being paranoid all the time when I go abroad, in a park, or another, away from home and if I lose my keys, I'm good for […]

Test / review: Tracker Biisafe Buddy V3 Smart Button

A Bluetooth speaker, Yes… But it has a look that clearly attracted me because it is classy enough and blends much better in a decoration that something more modern, more plastic often, she does not shock any in decoration and instead brings this little retro touch and more. The fact […]

Test / reviews: speaker Veho 360 Bluetooth Retro Mode M6

After hearing everybody ask me what it's like phone I have with my big shell, I thought "okay, the protection is well but a smartphone stylish it is nice too". So I wanted to try to replace my hull, hull Presidio Grip from Speck.   Why this one? First, because […]

Test / reviews: iPhone case 7 more Speck Presidio Grip ...

Always the same questions when choosing a case for his smartphone: aesthetics versus protection, thin but not too much in case of fall, etc… I found this shell allowed to combine all: I think she gives a good look on the phone, a little a leather look, while protecting well […]

Test/review: IPhone case 8 / 7 UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet ...

Once you get used to the wireless, it's hard to come back, I always take my hands inside working or other… Here I had a super helmet with active suppression of background noise in gift (Audia Technica), but it is a wired headset, and so as I said, it bothers […]

Test / reviews: adapter headset Bluetooth Griffin iTrip Clip

Always having a pen for years built into my phone, it disturbs me when I don't have the possibility to have one to scribble a note or other if needed… As I wanted to be able to do it also on iPhone / iPad, so I chose the active stylus […]

Test / reviews: stylus assets Broonel Silver Pro Works

Whenever you go shopping, you can see a proposal of new means of payment, remotely without having to insert your card at checkout: the NFC (Near Field Communication), which is a technology using the RFID which Here's a definition: RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification: technology for automatic identification which uses […]

Test / reviews: portfolio S-special leather Samsonite real RFID

After years of use Samsung Galaxy notes (which were always protected by Otterbox Defender cases), I had a whim and decided to go back to the Apple (we're bored sometimes, what do you want xD). Brief, given that Otterbox cases have saved the life of my note 3 at least […]

Test / review: Otterbox Defender Series iPhone shell 7 more ...