Test / reviews: charger and let – car Locator Nonda Zus


If you already went by car in a big city and that you parked in a large area dedicated to the parking lot as for example Auchan, or even when you do tourism and you did by car: there are surely at some point or another or you had trouble finding your car!

Then Yes, you can store the coordinates of terminals placed here and there for this purpose in the parking lot, but this is something that is forgotten quickly, and in the foreign city, it is even more difficult to navigate!

The solution? A let – GPS Locator that would be built into your car! Because of that, no need to memorize coordinates or the exact location!

And to do this, Nonda Zus (which reminds me furiously to Honda and name of Zeus) is here to do this job: it is not only a locator, but also a charger to double USB port to charge your devices including smartphones, thanks to taking your car cigar.


The characteristics of the Zus Nonda

  • Car charger
  • Charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Refill 2 times faster (for compatible devices: up to 2.4 amps)
  • Locates your car
  • Charge any device to USB port
  • Elegant with light system to see in the dark
  • Military quality, standard MIL – STD – 810 G, titanium and resistant to more than 100 °
  • Reversible USB ports
Nonda zus

The test of the Zus Nonda

This charger, all in black, is the most beautiful effect, I think it's classy!

Nonda zus usb

This is so a charger cigarette lighter that has 2 USB ports… reversible!

reversible usb port

Who says reversible, says little matter which way you insert your USB cable, in it, he won't need to return it! Ultra-pratique in the dark! In addition, these are 2.4 has each, so these are USB ports for quick charge (as long as your smartphone accepts this flow)!

Tracker nonda zus

Although this is a tracker, it doesn't have GPS! But integrates bluetooth 4.0. In reality, this Nonda Zus is only an intermediary! The principle of operation is simple: you download and install the free application on the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. You plug the Zus Nonda. you run the application, you pair the 2 devices, and hop it is good. Once you park, the app records the GPS coordinates, and you can go for a walk, your shopping in peace. Don't know where
your car is parked? No problem, open the app and hop, it will tell you the number of meters separating you from your car as well as the direction to follow!

scanning nonda zus

It does not use Wifi or 3G / 4G… and for cause, it does not really communicate with the smartphone! The GPS, it's one of your smartphone! Nonda Zus and its application allow actually only memorize the exact position of your car. Everything is done with your smartphone actually! The GPS position of the car registered, when you use the application, you will use your smartphone GPS to direct you!

Nonda Zus and its application are mainly here to automate the whole process without breaking the head: if I'm not mistaken, there is another application of the firm that allows to do the same thing, but it's just that you must click to tell when we're parked and we might need this gps position.

Because it uses the GPS, if you use it in a multi-story parking lot, you'll have the position of your car, but not floor…!

And being that Nonda Zus is not a true tracker (in the sense that it does not GPS), if steal you your car, you will not be able to find her thanks to him. You will find just the place where she was supposed to be…

ZUS nonda


This let allows without breaking the head without thinking, to record the gps location of your car and find it later with the application which shows the number of meters and direction separating you from your car.

Unfortunately, it is above all an intermediary, if your car is stolen, the recorded gps position will remain the same. In addition, when parking uphill, Nonda Zus will be unable to tell you what stage you were.

Nonda Zus is from my point of view mainly a car charger to double 2.4 A USB port each, coupled with a bonus which is automatically save the gps location of your vehicle.


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