Review / Test: keyboard Bluetooth Rii K02 +.

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 I had made an excellent mini keyboard test, the mini Rii i8 +, but this one had the distinction of being in wifi, making it less compatible with smartphone and Tablet (required an adapter). Here is the test of an older model, MWK02 +, which is not bluetooth. iclever-rii-keyboard-k02 +.

The specificities of the Rii K02 +

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • Lithium battery
  • 62 keys
  • Touch pad
  • Led backlit
  • Size: 150 x 58 mm
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS


The test

As I said, this is an older model in Rii, and so I'll be a little less critical compared to the i8 mini +, although looking well, it will be all similarly difficult to find many faults. I invite you to read the test of the mini keyboard i8 + here. Already, first, I blamed the mini version i8 + to have an operating instructions a bit oversimplified especially at the level of the keys, well, as surprising as it may be, the model K02 + has a manual that describes all the functions of the keys! The design is different compared to the i8 +, here, we have a rectangular design. Fits easily in a pocket. It is not unpleasant to use, but is not nor as ergonomic as i8 +. But there is an element to be taken into account, is that unlike the i8 + K02 + includes a laser pointer for your presentation! And as a result, the rectangular shape is nice when you use the laser pointer, which, I think, would have not been at all with the shape of the i8 +! About the laser, nothing to say, it is very powerful, more than 10 metres, he was still seeing daylight. It is activated via a button should support continuously. keyboard-laser The keyboard is backlit. The keys are always enjoyable to use. User keys, the Windows key is present, as well as other classics with bonus the crtl + alt + delete. The bluetooth is in version 3.0. Although not noted in the manual, the pairing is done quite easily: press and hold the bluetooth keyboard, search for device on the machine with which you want to connect the mini keyboard. Once found, connect it. When you have a small window showing you the password, type the figures on your mini keyboard and press the Enter key, the keyboard will automatically connect. Again, it is silly, but a small indication in the manual would have been welcome (only matching is listed, but not because of typing the numbers on the keyboard, and then the Enter key would work) because of not having a screen on the keyboard makes this operation is done completely in the dark! Especially as for example on Windows, the window does not ask to type the numbers, but check that the figures are correct… Or how check when there is no screen…? Android, it's different, it asks to type the numbers. On Windows, knowing nothing, I just press the Enter key, and it had not worked. When I tested on Android and it asked me to type the numbers, I asked myself, 'and if I was typing the numbers on Windows?' On the other hand, as the operation is done blind, do not believe that the connection does not work, don't forget that you can you be wrong in one of the numbers for example ;-) But simply put the operation into the manual would have saved me this error and would have also saved me thinking for a while that there was a problem with the keyboard! In cable 2 – in-1 charging and extension to the bluetooth dongle, it remains of the same type as the i8 +. (Or rather, the i8 + has kept the same kind of cable ^^) This way, the keyboard is supplied with a mini bluetooth dongle to connect to a USB port for having no bluetooth devices. It fits into the keyboard with top protection that prevents it from slipping / lose it, which is very much appreciated! Because they could very well have just to make a direct space to insert the dongle into the keyboard (widely enough space), but in shock or other dongle would have been 1 to be lost!  


If one takes into account (or not) that this is an older model, this keyboard is excellent! We lose in ergonomics with 2 hands by its rectangular shape, but we win in ergonomics with the laser pointer. Only downside to the level of the operating instructions (once again, but different this time), missing a small paragraph on the connection between the keyboard and the other device. From my point of view, it is a model primarily intended for young students or person who often make the presentations, and who would use this mini keyboard out presentation with their smartphone or tablet. (Although these days, it is quite possible to make a presentation with our smartphones and tablets!) The product link: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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