Review/Test: Perixx Periboard-808 backlit Bluetooth keyboard

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 When it comes to having to type a mail/text long enough and I'm on my iPad or Smartphone, I always carry on until I'm on my PC because I don't have the patience to write it without a physical keyboard;  To remedy that, I had bought a low-end Bluetooth keyboard some time ago, but I had quickly given up on this idea after being fierce for more than half an hour to successfully connect it to my iPad, something I only managed to do once (it Throne since in a drawer obviously… -_-'). So when I had the opportunity to test this Perixx keyboard, I thought it was an opportunity to maybe reconcile with the Bluetooth keyboards, let's see if this was the case ^^. Periboard-808-1  

Package Contents:

Keyboard Content-Picsaymini-USB charging cable. –Notice quite complete, taking over the function of all the keys in addition to the installation mode, and with the information available in French. -The keyboard:

-Beautiful appearance and compact (299x149x19mm), it can be raised with two "legs" for comfort during use; 10m range, 1500mA rechargeable Li-ion battery, Bluetooth 3.0

-Easy Installation: Simply activate the On/Off button on the back of the keyboard, activate the Bluetooth on the device to be connected, then press the "Connect" button on the back of the keyboard; A PIN code appears on the display of the device to be connected, it must be typed on the keyboard and hop, connection carried out ^^.

-There are several led LEDs on the keyboard:

-Fixed blue LED that turns off after 5 seconds: Power ON

Flashing Blue LED: start of connection

Flashing red LED: Low battery

Fixed red LED: Charging (turns off when full load)

-Green LED fixed: Caps Lock enabled

-There are 4 backlight levels: 0%, 25%, 50%, 100%

Picsay Illuminated Keyboard


This keyboard has reconciled me with the Bluetooth keyboards ^^, I am conquered mainly by its simplicity of getting started, finally a keyboard with buttons "on/Off" and "Connect" physical rather than having to press a combination of keys for the Connect what makes the task complicated, at least for me. It is nice to use, I really like the ultra-flat keys. The backlight is very convenient in the dark, even used at the lowest level. I tested it with an IPad 2, a Galaxy Note 3 and a laptop VAIO, the 3 with no problem connecting. In the end, a keyboard that I recommend without worries!   Link: Http:// test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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