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Everyone knows the famous brand GoPro and his cameras high definition to film and take pictures of all your crazy adventures! But what is it’s expensive! Here’s an alternative to the Gopro for less than 50 euros: the Action Cam Y8 three – color! review-action-cam-y8  

Characteristics of the Action Cam Y8


  • Camera and sport camera
  • Angle of view of 140 °
  • Built-in WiFi (bgn 2, 4 GHz)
  • Micro-HDMI output
  • Micro-USB input
  • 1.5-inch LCD screen
  • Recording in full HD h.264
  • Waterproof 30 m
  • CMOS 12 Mpixels
  • Taiwan Sunplus SPCA6330M SOC
  • Sensor OV2710
  • Videos resolutions:
    • 1080 P (1920 * 1080) 30 FPS,
    • 720 P (1280 * 720) 60 FPS,.
    • MOV video format
    • WAV audio format (Bitrate: 176 kbps)
  • Resolution pictures: 12MPx / 8MPx / 5MPx / 2MPx
  • Possibility to return the images and videos from 180 °
  • Can be used as webcam
  • Possibility of storage by Micro SDHC card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Self-timer (2s / 5s / 10s / continuous Shooting)
  • Languages: English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Russian
  • 900mAh lithium battery
  • Battery life: about 1 h 30
  • Incoming energy: 5V 1 has
  • Dissipation: 4.2V 400mA
  • Recharge time: about 3 h
  • Compatible OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7 and + / Mac os
  • Size: 59, 3 * 29, 3 * 41, 1 mm
  • Many accessories in any kind included (total: 20)


The test of the Action Cam Y8

  Having never tested by Gopro, I will not compare the 2. The first thing to say is that to use the Y8, it is absolutely necessary to use a microSd card, without it (being not provided), impossible to film or take pictures, even in Wifi (so connected to your smartphone or Tablet). They advise you to class 10. And me I advise you take the max, 32 gigas. no-card-micro-SD-action-cam Then, in the light of the price compared to the Gopro Y8, one can be amazed at the number of included accessories: 20! And yet these are just the same quality even if it is plastic. Accessories-action-cam-y8 I find just slightly a pity that it did not provide a micro-HDMI cable, but hey, it’s a detail. Now on to the Action Cam sports Y8 itself: action-cam-sport-y8it is very small and very light: it does only about 6cm long, 3cm wide and 4 cm thick.  

  • Front panel:
    • Therefore, you have of course the lens
    • the ignition button that also serves as button mode/return
    • a diode that lights up blue when charging

Also note that strangely, when charging, the device starts always! Unfortunately, this is not adjustable, but there is an energy saving mode that allows you to automatically turn off your device when it is not used after 1 to several minutes. Blue-led-action-cam-y8 I also find that the blue light illuminated when charging is too strong, whenever I look, I am the eyes dazzled subsequently. Ignition is not especially slow or fast. It starts in about 8 seconds. Half of these 8 seconds are with screen off, and upper red led halfway on.  

  • Rear side:
    • a display of 1.5 inches of excellent quality to see what mode you are as well as your photos/videos.

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this screen! It has a very good resolution and very bright. It is not touch.  

  • Upper side:
    • the Save/submit button
    • a diode that lights up red when the unit is in operation


  • Underside:
    • Hood to access the battery.

In the light of the battery, I think that if ever one day, there is a problem with it, it will be relatively easy to replace. battery-action-cam

  • Left front:
    • micro-HDMI output port
    • micro-USB port
    • the microSD card slot


  • Right face:
    • a high elevator button
    • a button lift down/enables or disables wifi

For Wifi connection, for smartphone and tablet, you have an Android/iOS named iSmart DV application. In itself, the wifi works as well as the dedicated application, unfortunately I noticed several flaws:

  • latency: between what see the camera and what you see on your smartphone or tablet, you easily offset 1 sec!
  • Sometimes the wifi won, but I must say that I am also in areas heavily loaded in waves. It is in bgn, 65mbps, channel 1 (channel which in my environment is the most loaded in wifi networks). In addition, no option to change anything at this level, not even the password, which means that if someone goes in the corner, and who knows the password of wifi, well nothing can prevent it from taking control of your Cam Action (yet happy that she cannot move alone!) and also remove your photos!
  • the application incorporates fewer options than the Y8 itself. Only resolution options are changeable (and modes)



  A great Action Cam, the Y8. Given its price, its image quality, its screen quality, its number of accessories does a competitor who does not ashamed to face a Gopro from my point of view! Only blame her really unsecured wifi, its latency and application level a little less provided the Y8 options can provide.   Product link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00RFJL9WW/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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  • Avatar of TitanMassive

    I got this action cam.It working 100%,but when i put my sdcard, i want to record without using app,but it say “memory card full”