Test / Reviews: Star Wars Yoda USB Key – 8GB


Unless you live in a cave, you probably didn't miss the next release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens! Only the Star Wars universe, these are movies… but also many other things. For almost 40 years now, derivatives, books, toys, video games, cartoons, collectibles and the variety of everyday objects have been going well for the delight of fans and the general public. And with the next release following 5 movies in the next few years (3 officials and 2 spin off), the goodies market and other items in all kinds of collectibles around the Star Wars license will continue to grow!

Geek objects are also widely represented with official Star Wars USB sticks produced by Tribe. For example we will take Yoda.


  • Capacity: 8GB
  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: About 4/3-2cm without a chain
  • Weight: 31.2g
  • Appearance: Yoda

The TEST of the USB stick


So first of all, I have to say that I'm happy with the quality and realism of the figurine itself. It is made of soft rubber in two parts: the head that contains the USB stick properly spoken and the body that acts as a cap, the chain allows to put it to a key door and at the end of the chain, the plastic tip allows to attach the body when the key is in a USB port not to lose it which is convenient (especially for a USB stick that is sold for its aesthetics, it's more annoying here to lose the cap than for a classic USB stick)!

Once past the aesthetic side, it is a classic USB stick with a USB 2 interface, so it offers a transfer speed around 15MB/s (used on Windows 8.1). This speed is not annoying especially for a key of 8GB, and frequent uses regarding the sharing of small files, office, music ect … L
ike any USB stick, it can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux.

To come to a part a little more abstract, I recommend especially this key for fans of the Star Wars universe, they will not be disappointed, by the quality and coloring that is nickel! If in addition to being a collector of figurines, this key is close to a collector's item, especially since there are several characters represented such as Darth Vader, C-3PO, ect …



To conclude, this USB stick has more than adequate capabilities for small files, documents, music ect. On the other hand since it remains in USB 2, you will be more comfortable with USB 3 for large files (however it remains largely usable). So it's for people who love Star Wars and want a useful goodies to their key door for example. And since it is an official product, certainly a little more expensive than a copy on Ebay, but with a very good quality of details. It may be a gift idea for Christmas approachin
g. With this key, transfer your files, you can!


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