Test / reviews: Lantern indoor outdoor Rechargeable Waterproof flame effect

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It's winter, we just want to get under the covers in front of the fire… Except I have no fire, and that looking at the radiator, it's not very romantic and it does not dream that much xD

So seeing this flame-effect lamp, I thought why not it will always be better than my aggressive lamp in the corner of the room when watching a movie at night … (The lamp is also made for outdoor use with its foot to push into the ground and the fact that it is waterproof, the test of this function will wait for summer and camping because I have no snif garden)

This lamp is composed of 96 LEDs that give a very realistic flame effect (it really surprised me the result), its bamboo appearance fits very easily in a decoration, and it comes with a foot to place it on a table or other and the stick for the rushing into the ground.

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It charges via a USB port under the base, and its full charge of about 4 hours, allows a use of 5pm! And actually the battery life is very good I use it a lot and I have not yet had to recharge it :-)

So I was talking about its external use, it meets the IP65 standard, finally a fire that can not be drowned :D

For the more technical features I haven't mentioned yet:

  • Power: DC 5V
  • Battery: 1800mAh
  • Lamp size: 11.5-22cm
  • Height in desktop mode: 24.5cm
  • Height in garden mode: 70cm


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