Test / Review: headphones Sudio VASA

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Like any object, you have 3 categories: the low end, the medium-range and high-end. The headphones do not escape in these categories differentiation. It must be said that it is, we mainly buy our headphones according to the price and/or the design or color. The comfort is also, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to test before you buy! Then comes the quality of auditory rendering, which unfortunately, is equally difficult to test before you buy!   Of course, in the low range headphones, the price is among the lowest, the simplest design, no choice (or little) at the level of the ear pads and very muffled hearing quality. What is the VASA of the brand Studio headphones? Well, they are part of the top category of range. Sudio-vasa-headphones

Characteristics of the VASA's Studio headphones

  • Type: 10.2 mm with dynamic speaker
  • Sensitivity: 113 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1 kHz
  • Frequency response: 18 Hz – 23 kHz
  • VASA headphones with 4 pairs of tips additional manual owner with certificate of quality case genuine leather clip Clip metal
  • Flat cable
  • Jack l
  • Remote 3 button and microphone, compatible Android and iOS
  • Housing: composite, aluminium
  • Finish: polished metal parts
  • Model: ear
  • Weight: 23 g


The test

You should know that the Studio brand is Swedish in the same way as brand a-Jays earphones. I did not a generality, but I tend to think that the Swedish matos (just as the gear German, although it depends what), is good. So for those interested, Sudio comes a title of Phil Collins, Sussudio: although not knowing the title of Phil Collins, I think it's a clever name (for us french): Sudio, Swedish, studio (of music, of course),…   Well, story passed, what these headphones? First, see the accessories supplied: a total of 5 pairs of bits, a leather pouch and a metal clip! Not only is well supplied, but leather and metal, it changes the fabric and the usual plheadphones-Studio-vasa-black-pinkastic! Second, cable: flat, so tangle, neither too broad nor too rigid, no complaints there. The jack is on the other hand, in L, which got all the air of a characteristics of the flat cables that I have seen up to now, and what is not the best in the sense or generally using headphones with its smartphone in your pocket. If the jack is in an L-shape and the jack of the smartphone upwards (which is, it seems to me, be the case for all smartphones), we like results the flat cable folded upwards with a tendency to reach 90 °, which is not good for any type of cable! I have not observed a problem so far, but in the long run, this may be problematic. On cable, there is also a presence of a remote control with 3 micro buttons. No problem on that side, the voice clearly passes. remote control-3-buttons   Side design, no problem, this will depend on the taste of each, but I find that there is a certain tendency to target the female side, it tends to fashion accessories in their last 2 models (Vasa Vasa Bla) and unlike versions a slower hair of their listeners, the VAT and Klang, which are more mixed with I would say a male tendency. There isn't that a step (after all depends on if it is a girl or boy) to understand down there that girls have the best ears and would be more demanding. xD also, here is a summary of the differences between the Sudio headphonescomparison-Headphones-Studio: Vasa and hearing quality back to headphones, there is simply no photo, it is excellent! It is also clear that the tinkle of 2 Crystal glasses! With these headphones, you can forget your equalizers, they are more useless!  


Studio headphones, model Vasa, are no doubt excellent: excellent sound rendering, 5 pairs of tips for maximum compatibility with your ears, flat cable to say byebye to nodes, a leather pouch, a metal clamp, a remote control 3 buttons compatible Android and iOS, and an excellent microphone. And mine nothing, despite the fact that it is of high quality, it is not too expensive (EUR 90 per hour or I write article, delivery) (I already double this price range… low quality for) and… bonus, you can have 15% discount with code pandoon if you order on their website: http://www.sudiosweden.com/fr/ (I save the calculator and calculated for you: it will come back to you at 76.5 euros) test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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