Test / reviews: Aukey Condenser Microphone

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1   When did the video, the image is important but the sound is even more. Only a micro costs very soon quite dear. Therefore, I wanted to test a microphone with an arm and a pop filter for 30 euro. I turned to this Aukey condenser microphone.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

  • a microphone
  • the micro foam
  • a DMX cable – jack
  • the arm
  • the pop anti filter
  • the anti vibration support
  • support for the table
  • the manual

  micro aukey 02

The test

The package is well protected, the microphone comes in a box cardboard with compartments carved in a block of foam to protect the whole. The design is simple and elegant, which is usual with Aukey. For mounting, it is also easy to assemble. Simply assemble, the accessories, the microphone is placed at the center of his support kept with the elastic to mitigate vibration potential of the bracket where hangs the microphone, in my case, it is simply the micro. The rear of the microphone has a DMX and on the other side on the PC or the recorder it plugs simply into a Socket 3.5 mm Jack. The articulated arm allows maneuverability and place it correctly when we record then put it aside when it have ends without lifting it from the office. micro aukey 06 At the level of use, the microphone has a frequency response United which allows a faithful reproduction of the captured sounds/voices. The removal of noise is very satisfactory for this noise. It is clear that this is not a professional microphone for 200 euros but the quality is correct and sufficient to make a podcast, conferences skype or use it in a stream. The windscreen on the microphone to avoid the possible noise of wind/air and anti pop filter is effective. For having the best record, and thanks to these accessories, I advise to speak remaining very close to the microphone. The sound will be better, clearer without having parasites. micro aukey 07 Place in a room or in an office without constant background noise it will fill in that mission.  


This entry level microphone is very correct and anti-pop accessories and the windscreen allows to have a sound of good quality widely enough for the podcast, stream or chatting on skype for example. If you are looking for a professional quality it will be directed to the more high-end microphones however. Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01F5BT7OS/   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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