Review / Test: cable charging and synchronization 4 in 1


Tired of the nodes in your bag? This cable is made for you!
More and more, we walk with its smartphone or tablet, and often one is obliged to take the charger with to do not fall short of juice. And as manufacturers do not facilitate us life, we must take with itself 2 or 3 cables to recharge devices. Hello tangling…

In leaning me a bit on the problem, I found one solution cable all-in-one:—blanc.htm


But is it reliable? The answer in the following lines!


Charging cable 4 in 1

Charging cable 4 in 1. See the size that makes a little more than
15cm. The output of 3 USB cable is protected by a rigid plastic



1 ° Apple Lightning (8-pin)

-Refill: barely connected the plug, my IpodTouch recharges perfectly. No detected concern, the plug is sinking and withdrew all ease and the cable is recognized.

-Synchronization: it is perfectly place

2 ° Apple 'classic' (30 pin)

-Refill: the only problem I have with this cable => it does recognize not always my Ipod when I plug the plug. What I don't understand, is that I have tried several plug / unplug / plug… and the X attempt suddenly everything works. Unit in charge and pending synchronization. In short, I believe that it must have been a design problem in my cable. I can't make a generality, just live in the hope that one day it works the first time.

-Synchronization: the synchronization has worked well and the transfer has not been discontinued (I yet purposely move the cable to see if it disconnect, but nothing, surprise!). Once the cable is well recognized, it is y no problem.


3 ° micro-USB

-Refill: As for the Apple Lightning, this plug works very well and allows to adapt to a lot of phones.

-Synchronization: no worries detected, the recognition of the smartphone is like with an official cable


4 ° Galaxy Tab Samsung

-Charging: initially, I had trouble to insert the plug into my Galaxy Tab, but I finally managed. And there miracle, everything works very well once again.

-Synchronization: always as well and no problems detected.


One of the advantages of this cable is also to allow simultaneous charging of different devices. I tested myself with my IpodTouch, an Ipad and a smartphone (microUSB) to see if the 3 reload at the same time. Positive result. 3 devices are recharged and I haven't felt of the charger from overheating. In the manual it is still not advisable to charge different devices at the same time, because there may be varying amperage.



Benefit: allows to recharge and synchronize a large number of different devices and competing brands as well as an official cable. A very good quality/price ratio. Tips that depart from the USB connector are well protected to prevent wire stripping.

Disadvantage: The size of the cable => it does not exceed 20cm which is still low if it wants to charge its devices on sector because we do not have one length sufficient to ask smartphone (or other) on a table.

My rating is 16/20 indeed having a cable too small is disturbing but made him a perfect cable for transport!


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