Tip: How to measure the intensity of the current load, or how to check the quality of a USB cable


Are all cables USB identical between them?

  In length, it goes without saying that the answer is no! In appearance, except the Special cables (bright, stressed, etc…), a USB cable for color black or white is identical to another cable! But what of the cable itself? They travel the same intensity of current? In this case, the answer is no! To be tested, I know that you can easily get from simple to double!   The first thing to know is that it's your electrical appliance to load that determines the maximum intensity in the first place: if it accepts up to 1 A, it will not take 2A even if your mains or battery charger is capable of outputting such intensity! The second thing to know is that if the cable is bad, your smartphone beautiful aura "suck" 1 and your battery out 5A, if the cable can pass 0, 5A, your smartphone will be only 0.5 A! Always the same old story: If in a chain, a component is lower, it is this weakest element that will determine the speed of the entire!   Needless to say that during a reload (wired), the USB cable although now well present in everyday life, used in many devices has a decisive share in the duration of a refill. If less current passes, slow down the battery will be recharged.   Except that eye view, it is impossible to tell if the cable is good or bad quality! Even in him boning, there will be always impossible to say!  

How to measure the intensity of current through a USB cable?


1.0 universal method

  This universal method to measure the intensity of the current which runs a USB cable, regardless that it recharges one smartphone, Tablet, headphones, a mouse, or other…, only required, have at least one side a male USB type A port and buy a voltmeter. USB-a-male   The technique is simple: on one side you connect the USB cable to the battery to charge, and on the other, you plug the voltmeter. And the voltmeter, connect it to your power source! There are different types of voltmeter, some have already been tested:

  Thanks to them, you can know in real time the current that flows in the cable!  

Method dedicated to Android 2.0

  Android, you can test your cables through your smartphone or Tablet and an application for free: amp! After installation and open the application, it simply measures the intensity of the current plus other info on the battery. Be aware that this application does not measure your USB cable, it can also measure the intensity of your wireless charging if your smartphone or Tablet has within the IQ (Wireless charging) technology!   In short, this Android app will allow you to sort in your USB cables in your charger, in your external batteries, but also in your Qi, wireless Chargers receivers patches, etc… ! What well optimize the speed of reloading of your device!

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