Filebot: Rename all your series episodes in one go!


Filebot is software that will allow you to cleanly rename all your series files in one fell swoop!

Yes, when you download a series, you download all the files all at once, or by part, there is always something wrong in the management of naming the different files: errors, disorder, shift, tag (name) of the team, tag of the type of file (like x vid, etc…), name of the bizarre episode as for example 101 for episode 1 of season 1, etc… In short, it's never very clean!

Even when you do it yourself and you download it from streaming, sometimes you get it wrong with all these episodes!

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And so, that's where Filebot comes in!


It is very easy to use:

You put all the files in your beloved series in the left column, click right into the "New Names" column to choose your way to rename the files, and then click "Rename" and it's done!

The software also allows you to download corresponding subtitles available on the net for your series thanks to the "Subtitles" tab!

Note 1: Filebot requires Java, so if you don't have it on your computer, it will offer you to download it.

Note 2: Filebot is itself in English, but nothing too complicated and supports French;-)

Available for free at this address for Windows, Linux, Mac and other platform:

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